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Learning From Home

We are more than familiar with the concept of learning from home and online learning due to the pandemic. This drastic shift in learning environments has caused an ongoing dialogue about its effects on the children. The pandemic has demonstrated a practical and sustainable model of online learning. Online learning is necessary during times of crisis, natural disasters, and other circumstances. Online learning can serve students across a broader range and allows them to contribute their voices. Now, children can learn from home or any space of their choice with many benefits. Let's look at the benefits- Less stressful-Home is your child's natural environment. It offers a comforting and empowering feeling to receive online tutoring from home. They'll also feel...

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House Chores and its Positive Effects on Children

Did you know that a 75-year-old Harvard study concludes that children who grew up helping with household chores are happier with their life? The study examined childhood psychosocial variables and biological processes that predicted health and well-being later in life.  Giving kids chores to do, do not take away from "kids being kids." And it is justifiable when parents think twice before asking for help with household chores help. But in reality, children don't look at the given chores as just chores; it is usually just an activity for them. As we all know, toddlers and preschoolers love keeping themselves busy. When a chore is shared with them, they are almost always looking forward to doing it.  Chores are a...

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Better Sleep Habits with ROYBI

Sleep is an inevitable activity in everyone's life. On average, a human spends one-third of their life sleeping. The quantity of sleep required is different for different people, and not getting enough of it can significantly affect the functioning of the human body. Children need more sleep. Especially babies and toddlers. Sleep is a vital tool that promotes growth and development in children; thus, getting enough of it is essential. Sleep helps our brain remove toxins from the body. Unlike what it looks like, our body is active while we sleep. It is working to help us function well when we are awake.  Lack of sleep is a pathway to various chronic illnesses. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is important,...

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