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Learning From Home

We are more than familiar with the concept of learning from home and online learning due to the pandemic. This drastic shift in learning environments has caused an ongoing dialogue about its effects on the children. The pandemic has demonstrated a practical and sustainable model of online learning. Online learning is necessary during times of crisis, natural disasters, and other circumstances. Online learning can serve students across a broader range and allows them to contribute their voices. Now, children can learn from home or any space of their choice with many benefits. Let's look at the benefits- Less stressful-Home is your child's natural environment. It offers a comforting and empowering feeling to receive online tutoring from home. They'll also feel...

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Artificial Intelligence- Teachers’ Best Friend

Intelligent machines and teachers are not in competition with each other. They are independent elements, functioning in a closely connected dynamic. The sphere of education has to be an ever-growing space as it always has to think one step ahead. As our society is speeding in technological developments, understanding and adapting it to the education system is the best way to get society to catch up with the technology. Artificial Intelligence- one of the most coveted technologies, can be a super-tool to support human functioning. However, artificial intelligence will never replace humans but only support, aid, and lend helping hands to make human functions easier. Educational robots are gradually merging into the Education system. School systems and parents have started...

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