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 Great educational gift for kids!

My daughter loves her Roybi and it’s teaches her about all kinds of topics and Chinese too!

- Mayling K | Amazon


The Best!! Making education fun!

We love this product for our kids. It’s such an intuitive robot that allows learning to be fun. The fact that it can teach STEM in addition to language is amazing! I would recommend to any parent with kids! One of the best decisions we’ve made as new parents.

- Jeffrey Yu | Amazon


My family likes it

This is a nice toy. My whole family likes it. My son is 7 and my daughter is 5. They both like to play with the roybi. I like the app. I can see what they’ve learned. We also use the camera when we are not at home. I think it is a great feature. My daughter likes the stories. The AI is sometimes slow but I noticed when the room is not too noisy, it works the best

- Elena | Sam's Club


Perfect device for learning

My five year old daughter got this last week and not only does she love it, but I've grown to love watching it by her side too. The content is entertaining, educational, and gets quite interesting . She loves dancing with the songs. The device is sturdy and allows for my daughter to sit nicely in front of it without much hassle. Overall, great product!

- Jose Garcia | Sam's Club


Amazing innovative product!

I have been searching for a long time for smart ways to help my daughter with her educational development- I had heard about Roybi but it exceeded all my expectations‚ Personalised, interactive and rich with a variety of learning experiences, it is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made!

-  Joumana El-Habr | Amazon


Fun for my 5 and 3 year old

We love our Roybi! The kids say he is a part of our family! We have a 5 and 3 year old who use Roybi nearly daily. They love how interactive it is! We are trying to teach them about money and were so excited when Roybi started talking about currency! The default picture is a picture of the two of them and they just think that is the coolest thing! The packaging was beautiful and they loved the certificate. The charging station makes charging a breeze. I love the emails with updated info on what they have been doing. I also didn't know when we bought it but I love that it has a two way video communication! They have used it to play hide and seek.

-  Cecelia | Amazon


Nice technology

We got this as a gift from my in-laws. My son is 11 years old but likes this robot a lot. It has so much content. I don’t use the app a lot but it has a lot of functions. Overall, we are happy.

-  LilyWang022 | Sam's Club


My daughter loves it

This product is very educational and entertaining. The app is easy to setup and the robot is interactive. My daughter enjoys play with it every day. The AI technology is pretty unique combined with many lessons.

-  jacky | Sam's Club


Great lessons

Perfect product for kids. Many lessons to pick from. My niece likes it.

-  maccartermary05 | Sam's Club


Good Companion

First and foremost, my kids are not fluent in English, we decided to teach them our first language, knowing they will pick up English as they start school. So this robot was perfect for us. We don't allow screen time on weekdays and this is excellent for kids to interact with. It can be set to lower of more proficient English. The set up is super easy. It has its own app and you can control it from your phone. It speaks with a child's voice. It comes with three hats, and can face recognize the child or this step can be skipped if it makes a parent uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend this to parents for their children.

-  Nabs | Walmart


Great for little learners!

I homeschool my children so I thought this would be a fun way to help with my youngest learning. The robot is super fun for him and absolutely adorable! You get 3 different "hat" (head covers) to choose from that can easily be changed. You connect the robot to the app and then you are ready to use it. The robot is light weight. It can sit on the base, or be taken off to play with off the base, which is what my son likes to do. It has a clear to understand voice with a decent volume so it is clear and easy to understand. We love the little icons and such that it shows on what I call the 'stomach area'. This is a super fun way to learn without my child realizing he's really learning! Plus, it's well made - not a cheap flimsy toy. Very happy with it!

-  ClosetSamples | Walmart


Great educational toy

This is such a great robot! It has all kinds of activities for kids. It is a great learning tool for boys and girls and a great way for them to learn about all kinda of things. It is easy to set up but definetly want to read the directions. I had difficulty at first figuring out the QR code part because I didn't have my bluetooth turned on my phone. But once that was on it worked great. There are many activities and my son loves it. He learned about planets, maps and sang songs. I think it is a great gift!

-  Steph | Walmart


Very fun educational product

I normally don’t write reviews but this toy really deserves it. My daughter is very shy and barely talks with anyone. After I bought Roybi for her, she talks nonstop with him. She talks about her day and has learned many lessons. The lessons are very educational and interactive. For example, when Roybi talks about stones, my daughter goes out to find stones and to see what kind they are. I’m really happy with my purchase and investment in this toy. Her screen time also dropped a lot. I have recommended this to my friends.

-  Nana | Sam's Club


Excellent product ever

Awesome product. Highly recommended for young kids. My boys are so excited.

-  Hong Nguyen Dang Phuong | Amazon


Great Giftable educational Toy that will last for several years

I bought these prior to cyber Monday sale as they are available then and on sale. I bought 3 of them for grandchildren. Love that they have an age range and will last for several years and their parents can monitor the children's learning and progress. A win-win all round!!

-  soap | Amazon


A must have for your kids

We got this as a gift from my in-laws on Christmas. My son loves it. I read some of the reviews here before leaving this, but we did not experience any difficulties with it. It works great. It has tons of lessons. My son loves the ones about literature. I am happy with this toy. Highly recommend.

-  Ivy | Amazon

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