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Frequently Asked Questions


Will it have EU / UK power plugs & accept 230/240V?

The power adapter accepts 110V~240V 50/60Hz with a U.S. plug head. You will need a converter for the plug head.

What’s inside the package? What comes with ROYBI?

One Roybi Robot, a wireless charging plate, a USB cord, a power adapter, three accessory hats, an adoption certificate, camera privacy cover, and a care booklet.

Who is responsible for customs fee?

The customer is responsible for paying the customs fee when Roybi Robot enters their country.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

A 1-year limited warranty if the device is defective. We do not grant the warranty if the device is damaged.


What is the Wi-Fi Frequency?

Frequency Range:

2.4 G Wi-Fi: 2412-2472 MHZ

Transmitter Power:

2.4 G Wi-Fi

7.75 dBm (802.11b)

6.76 dBm (802.11g)

6.71 dBm (802.11n-HT20)

6.68 dBm (802.11n-HT40)

Does it always need to be connected to wifi?

Yes. You can also use Roybi Robot by connecting it to your personal hotspot. (Does not support hotspot connectivity that requires additional authentication)

Should we always leave it on, or do we need to turn it off at night?

You can leave it on for as long as you want. This allows Roybi Robot to say good morning and good night to your child. You can also set the “Do Not Disturb” option on the app for additional privacy (coming soon).

How do we connect ROYBI with our smartphones?

Simply install ROYBI, turn on your phone’s hotspot, and follow the on-screen installation instructions. This process should take less than 60 seconds.

Do I need a special internet connection to use ROYBI?

No. Roybi Robot can connect to wi-fi in any location with over 10 Mbps internet speed. Roybi Robot supports 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz connections and works with most internet routers. To report an issue, please email us at

How do we charge ROYBI? Is it possible to charge with a USB? How long will it work from a single charge?

ROYBI comes with a wireless charging plate that can charge ROYBI’s batteries. The batteries can last up to 8 hours depending on usage, and charging time is less than 60 minutes. You can continue using Roybi Robot even while it’s charging on the plate. The charging plate connects to a USB charger.

Security & Privacy

Where do you store the information?

The information is securely stored on Amazon Web Services.

Can I control what it is shared or not?

Absolutely! You can decide what information to share with us. All the information you provide will be collected anonymously.

How do you protect my child’s privacy?

Roybi Robot comes with a privacy cover for the camera. At any time, you can place the cover on the camera to cover it. Note that by doing this, ROYBI is not able to see your child to start its lessons. 

We highly recommend that you keep the camera on to use all the great features of the Roybi Robot.

How do you protect my child’s privacy?

You are in control of what you share with ROYBI. We collect data anonymously, therefore, there is no indication about your child’s identity. We only collect data to train ROYBI to learn more about your child to personalize their educational experience as well as providing progress report.

How safe is this?

  • Interacting with Roybi Robot is an experience similar to any other electronic device. ROYBI does not share any of your information or collect data without your permission. It is your responsibility to limit the data sharing with ROYBI through the app.
  • The content is stored in an isolated location on Amazon Web Services.

Does ROYBI continuously record and listen?

No! ROYBI does not record video or audio continuously. The camera is on unless you turn it off through the privacy cover.

Roybi Robot only wakes up to say hello if it can see your child within 3 meters or if its wake up button is pressed. 

Are you COPPA compliant?

Yes! ROYBI is COPPA complaint. Please review our Privacy Policy page.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Are you GDPR compliant?

Where do you use my child’s data?

The data collected will be only used to train Roybi Robot to better customize your child’s lessons. This information helps us to provide a progress report to you and create better content for your child.

Do you share my child’s information anywhere?

We do not share your child’s information anywhere online, offline, or to any third-party users without your permission.

Product & Content

How limited is the content?

We have a variety of lessons and categories. The device comes with over 500 lessons and stories that get updated continuously. 

Are there any limitations for daily usage?

No. We recommend following our practice schedule depending on each day’s lessons. However, children can play with ROYBI for as long as they want.

Can we change the educational plan?

You can play, pause, and reschedule any lessons.

How many children is ROYBI able to recognize?

Currently, ROYBI can recognize one child per device. We recommend that every child should have their own ROYBI, so their progress can be assessed.

Does it use the same content for both boys and girls? Do you think it’s ok?

Our content is gender neutral. However, with machine learning, we will be more capable of understanding which lessons are more attractive to your child and deliver more of those in the future.

Who can I give access to ROYBI?

Currently, only one parent can use the ROYBI’s app to be compliant with COPPA (Children’s Privacy Act). We may open access to more sharing possibilities in the future.

Why is there a camera? How can it help my child or his/her education?

The camera is there to recognize your child and wake up the device up. This is a simple and fun way for Roybi Robot to say hello and start its lessons. You can also use the camera for entertainment purposes like recording videos, snapping family photos, or even to watch over your home when you are away (if Roybi Robot stays home). These features can be turned off at anytime and are not recorded without your permission. Some of these features are currently under development (record video, snap pictures) *some of the features mentioned are under development.

Is there somewhere I can see my child’s progress?

Yes! You can check your child’s progress on a weekly basis through our reporting on the app.

What do you mean by personalized education? How does the AI work?

Roybi Robot utilizes Artificial Intelligence to understand your child’s learning progress. We benchmark this information with current scientific data to adjust the content according to your child’s learning progress. Also, voice recognition will gradually adjust to your child’s voice and learn their speech pattern.

Is the app for the child? How does the child interact with ROYBI?

The compatible app is for adult use only. The child only interacts directly with Roybi Robot during the daily lessons and conversations.

How many languages do you support?

At the moment we support the English and Mandarin languages with plans to add more.

Are there any additional fees?

No! You may purchase additional language packages or content later. 

Is it difficult or complicated to work with ROYBI? Do I need to have an educational background?

Absolutely not! It will take less than 10 seconds to install Roybi Robot. We also have practice time for 10-15 minutes so you and your child can learn how to interact with ROYBI. 

After that, ROYBI creates daily lessons for your child, so you can sit back and watch your child play and learn!

* Note: at any time, you can play, pause, and reschedule the lessons.

How should I start using ROYBI when I get it? Would the content upload later?

Starting with ROYBI is very simple! Just plug it in, download the app, and follow the on-screen steps. Everything is already set for you. The content will download to ROYBI at the time of installation.

Will my child learn to program with ROYBI?

ROYBI is a language teaching intelligent companion with some content in STEM covering basic sicence, math, tech, but no coding at this moment .

Does ROYBI do anything right out of the box, or does it have to be programmed to do all it does?

Roybi Robot is completely ready to start teaching from the moment the installation is completed. No extra programming is necessary.

Would a 7-year-old child be too old to use ROYBI?

No! We have a variety of content that can help your child learn languages, pronunciations, play fun and interactive games and challenges, develop language skills, and even learn about different cultures.

Where is on/off switch/button?

The power off button is under Roybi Robot’s foot.

What platforms do you support?

Roybi Robot comes with a companion app that is compatible with iOS and Android.


Is it washable?

No. It is not waterproof. You can clean it with a damp cotton cloth.

Is it drop-proof?

Roybi Robot has been drop tested, and its material can protect the internal components from sudden shakes or drops on soft surfaces. However, the device can be damaged if dropped from a far distance, thrown suddenly, or smashed on a hard surface.

Is the material safe for kids?

  • The shell is ABS and safe for children to touch. The accessory (hat) is non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly material. We highly encourage you to keep your child away from chewing the materials. It may contain chemicals that are not entirely safe for children but safe for adults.
  • This product contains rechargeable lithium batteries. Do not throw in the water, place under the sun, or near heat.

Is Roybi Robot a choking hazard?

Roybi Robot does not have any small parts. Children should avoid chewing on the silicon accessories as this may break the silicon into small pieces, creating a choking hazard.