6 Reasons Why Kids Are Dropping Their iPads & Switching To ROYBI Teaching Robot 

(100% Mom Approved)

Parents hoping to ensure their children are keeping up with the latest educational trends have turned to our smart teaching robot, ROYBI. 

1. It’s a new, science-backed approach to self-guided learning

The first of its kind,  ROYBI is an A.I. powered (Artificial Intelligence) education companion that builds the most important skills any child can acquire—critical thinking, problem solving and creativity development.

With ROYBI by their side, your child gets the necessary critical thinking skills to truly unleash their full potential and shine as bright as possible.

2. ROYBI Robot is a companion that makes learning fun

ROYBI is a friendly robot that will help your child learn new skills every day. You can easily set daily lessons for them through the app and track their progress as they go!

Your child will learn through daily lessons, story-telling and conversations.

3. It teaches 100’s of skills that are sure to stick into adulthood

ROYBI is the perfect tutor for your child. With 500+ lessons and growing, it provides access to a huge cloud-based, ever developing educational curriculum that covers everything from STEM skills to language learning!

4. It drastically reduces ineffective screen-time

ROYBI provides children with the opportunity to learn about various topics through play. Unlike tablets or laptops, there are no day-draining distractions for kids while learning with ROYBI.

5. It’s proven to lead to happier, more motivated children

As your child continues to learn and interact alongside ROYBI, they are also beginning to associate joy with learning something new. They have little 'success endorphins' that build up over time as more activities get accomplished successfully. 

This not only greatly expands their knowledge but it creates a strong foundation for success as lifelong learners.

6. It turns any environment into an extension of the classroom

The ROYBI Robot allows kids to learn outside the classroom, as it is accessible from anywhere in the world with no limits. No matter where you are located, a rewarding education can always be reached at your fingertips!