Forever Benefits of Roybi Robot

Boy Playing with ROYBI

Language Learning

Learn Multiple Languages Over Time FOREVER

STEM Skills

Learn Math, Science, and Tech

Speech Delay

Encourages Children To Speak Confidently

Roybi Robot is One of a Kind—Just Like Your Child!

Roybi Robot and Building Blocks


I teach children at an early age language skills to make them confident communicators in English.

Child Playing with Roybi Robot Blue


As your child grows up, machine learning helps me grow with them too!

Nursery Rhymes with Roybi Robot


From telling stories to having sing-alongs, your child is sure to have fun interacting with me.

Over 500 Lessons & 50 Categories

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Explore your Content Library, where I add new songs and fun stories, specially crafted for your child’s learning.

Personalized Reports

ROYBI Progress Report

Use the ROYBI app to track your child’s growth through our detailed progress reports.

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