Learning From Home

Learning from home

We are more than familiar with the concept of learning from home and online learning due to the pandemic. This drastic shift in learning environments has caused an ongoing dialogue about its effects on the children. The pandemic has demonstrated a practical and sustainable model of online learning. Online learning is necessary during times of crisis, natural disasters, and other circumstances. Online learning can serve students across a broader range and allows them to contribute their voices. Now, children can learn from home or any space of their choice with many benefits. Let's look at the benefits-

Less stressful-
Home is your child's natural environment. It offers a comforting and empowering feeling to receive online tutoring from home. They'll also feel safer at home.

Education for all-
With educational possibilities available across various online platforms, nobody needs to be deprived of education. AI provides special education to disabled children, and they can access it while staying home. With information on virtually any topic readily available, there are no limitations on what can be taught. AI helps make it possible by providing the education industry with the necessary tools. ROYBI Robot is a friendly robot designed to provide children with educational opportunities and act as an entertaining companion that strives to teach free from any race, gender, or ethnicity biases.

Added flexibility and self-paced learning-
The best environment for children to learn is a flexible one. With this, they can have emotional, physical, and mental balance by having the timing of their learning being under their control. Students who are used to traditional classrooms might not feel as comfortable asking teachers to repeat the last class's material or ask doubts in the school, leading to a lower success rate. It is also essential for these students to interact with other learners and work together when learning because they need to master material before moving on. This structure allows students to choose their own pace, which will lead them to succeed more quickly.

Develop healthy habits-
Having to wake up in the morning and rush to school might not be a suitable lifestyle for every child. Different children have different energy levels during the whole day, and channeling the energy accordingly can be highly efficient for overall performance. When the child is not very energetic to learn, you can use that time to teach other skills such as gardening, sports, or other healthy habits. As online learning is flexible with time, one can come back to learning when they feel like it, which leaves them time to do things they love doing apart from studies. So if they are learning from home, they can take a midday painting class or even nap for some time which can benefit memory and learning.

On top of the educational benefits, studying from home can give children more time for themselves. Having more time for themselves can help make them feel better about themselves and boost their emotional intelligence.

Immediate feedback-
A child gets feedback immediately in online courses instead of waiting a week or two for feedback in traditional classrooms. Because students upload assignments and receive feedback from teachers digitally, students are exposed to a broader range of knowledge than one teacher can cover. Children can learn faster and adjust future projects based on their past work if they receive feedback sooner.

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