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Technology and Children

Since the early 2000s, technology has had a profound impact on the way children learn and develop. Technology can be a powerful tool to help children develop new skills, expand their knowledge and build confidence.  Use technology to introduce your child to new concepts and ideas.Whether you're introducing your child to basic concepts like shapes and colors or more complex ideas like fractions and physics, there's a tech tool that can help. Many great apps and websites offer educational games and activities for kids of all ages. ROYBI Robot is a comprehensive educational tool for children from 2-8 years old. ROYBI can provide engaging learning practices for kids while also tracking their progress. How and why is technology necessary for...

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Mathematics Made Easy with AI

AI has already had a major impact on our world and will only become more important in the future. For example, AI is used to diagnose diseases, drive cars, and many other significant functions that humans perform. By now, we are all aware of AI's potential to revolutionize how we live and work. Mathematics is the language of the universe. It is the foundation upon which all scientific knowledge is built. Without a strong understanding of mathematics, it is impossible to understand how the world works fully.  AI has many exciting applications in Mathematics education. ROYBI Robot can tutor toddlers and preschoolers with the basics of Mathematics to have a strong foundation before they get into full-fledged schooling. By using AI...

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Artificial Intelligence- Teachers’ Best Friend

Intelligent machines and teachers are not in competition with each other. They are independent elements, functioning in a closely connected dynamic. The sphere of education has to be an ever-growing space as it always has to think one step ahead. As our society is speeding in technological developments, understanding and adapting it to the education system is the best way to get society to catch up with the technology. Artificial Intelligence- one of the most coveted technologies, can be a super-tool to support human functioning. However, artificial intelligence will never replace humans but only support, aid, and lend helping hands to make human functions easier. Educational robots are gradually merging into the Education system. School systems and parents have started...

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