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Role of Emotional Intelligence in Children

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that help your child to be able to recognize emotions and be able to handle them well. It does not mean that the child should never feel upset or frustrated or that you should try to impose the idea of constant happiness. It is about recognizing and expressing emotions in a manageable manner. A few examples can be that instead of getting frustrated and giving up on something, the child can tell that they are frustrated and think of something that can make them feel better.  Emotional Intelligence cannot be measured like measuring Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Yet being emotionally intelligent is crucial in helping children and adults to respond to situations well. It also...

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ROYBI Robot Wins 2021 Innovation & Top 50 Startup Awards at WorldFestival Conference

ROYBI INC announced today that ROYBI Robot is the winner of the 2021 Innovation & Top 50 Startup Awards in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, nominated by the WorldFestival Conference.   San Jose, CA. August 24, 2021. ROYBI INC, the creator of the award-winning ROYBI Robot, announced today that it had been awarded the Top 50 Startup Awards in artificial intelligence & machine learning by WorldFestival 2021 organized by DevNetwork. From a pool of 1000+ innovative companies nominated from 130+ countries, ROYBI was selected as a WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards winner after the Community Voting round & industry-expert Judging Committee process.​WorldFestival is the global virtual conference supporting emerging technology innovation across 130+ nations. The goal at WorldFestival is to accelerate world...

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