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Irrespective of where you are in the world, what language you speak, or the culture you experience, the language and culture of that place will be closely linked. Language is the primary form of expressing and exploring the aspects of culture.

There are over seven thousand languages spoken today. And the Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. As a result of thousands of years of language development and cultural influence, the Spanish language as we know it today has come a long way. Spanish belongs to the Indo-European family, and many of its rules of grammar and syntax are from Latin; around 75% of Spanish words have Latin roots.

Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide and is the official language of 20 countries. Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet, and it's second on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, it plays an essential role in the modern cultural and artistic industry; there are countless Spanish films, series, books, songs, and conferences. And it is expected that 754 million people will speak the language globally by 2060.

Now, your child can learn Spanish too, with ROYBI. The subjects are taught through lessons effectively and efficiently. They can master Reading, listening, and speaking skills through ROYBI. Personalized learning can be achieved by combining the best of AI and language science to tailor the lessons to help your child learn at the right place. 

It is easy to stay motivated while learning with ROYBI because of the fun challenges and play-like learning. Education with ROYBI is not dull because effective learning doesn't have to be boring. 

Along with its rich history and significance worldwide, Spanish is an exciting language to learn. You are halfway there if you can spell it because then you can say it too. Spanish is one of the world's most phonetic languages. If you know the spelling of a word, you can almost always know how it is pronounced. However, the reverse of the above statement won't work. Recently, multiple words of foreign origin have been added to the language by retaining the exact spelling, so, those words are an exception too.

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