Children and Communication

A child gets a sense of who they are between two and six years of age. They start cultivating the ability to manage stress, understand the family and community, and even motivate themselves during this period. The dynamic between the parent and the child tends to control many behavioral patterns and the child's positive self-concept. A child who feels constantly judged, blamed, and criticized may grow up to become an adult with a negative self-concept. As a child develops, we must nurture their communication skills so that they can express themselves, confidently and clearly, in all aspects and areas of their life. 

To express what is on their mind has to be the most challenging yet beneficial task in every child's journey of growing up. This skill- the ability to communicate comes through not just language learning but also their life experiences and cognitive development. 

A toddler may have a vocabulary of minimal words and can start stringing words together to make simple sentences. You can encourage your child's language development in multiple ways, such as:

Listening to them patiently. Give your toddler enough time to complete what they are saying. Listen attentively without correcting them or showing impatient body language. You can also spend time with your toddler by exclusively talking to them and doing nothing else. This gives them the confidence to speak or express themselves because they know you are there for them. 

As kids involve in interactive conversation and play, they learn more. Singing, reading books, playing word games, and simply talking to kids will increase their vocabulary skills and develop listening skills.

Children learn to communicate primarily by mimicking their parents. They try to imitate the actions and words; this is also why it is said that the more you interact with the child, the quicker they develop these skills.

A child's communication proficiency can be significantly improved by reading; reading helps in language acquisition, and they are introduced to a range of vocabulary. Thus, by reading, they can communicate with ease. ROYBI robot has a wide range of lessons and categories in the curriculum that the child can use to improve communication skills. As they get older, reading together provides an excellent opportunity for discussion, creating an environment where a child can comfortably and confidently get used to articulating and sharing their ideas.

Communication is much more than just language. It is about expression. It is about the ability to speak what is on their mind. Nurturing this ability can help children grow into adults who have better clarity of their thoughts, and they can also describe and orate their ideas well to others.

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