Better Sleep Habits with ROYBI

Sleep is an inevitable activity in everyone's life. On average, a human spends one-third of their life sleeping. The quantity of sleep required is different for different people, and not getting enough of it can significantly affect the functioning of the human body. Children need more sleep. Especially babies and toddlers. Sleep is a vital tool that promotes growth and development in children; thus, getting enough of it is essential. Sleep helps our brain remove toxins from the body. Unlike what it looks like, our body is active while we sleep. It is working to help us function well when we are awake. 

Lack of sleep is a pathway to various chronic illnesses. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is important, and children need to grow up understanding its significance. ROYBI's AI-based education helps children sleep better through its technology and the practices it promotes. 

Lesser screen-time
Inadequate sleep and excessive exposure to screens have been linked to equally poorer mental health in children and adults. Screens intrude on sleep because they're so stimulating and the blue lights emitted from the screen also interfere with the circadian rhythm. ROYBI does not function primarily through screens. Education through ROYBI is through sounds and activities. The tiny screen on ROYBI does not cause engagement; it is just a technical indicator on the tool to show its functions and modes. Children listen to ROYBI, and ROYBI listens to them. Sounds are an excellent tool for education, and listening helps children calm down. Education with ROYBI has no obstacles to sleep. 

Bedtime stories
As discussed earlier, listening is a great activity to calm down. ROYBI is filled with stories for children to listen to during their bedtime routine. It is a relaxing ritual and also nourishes the parent-child bond. Children can visualize and imagine while they listen to stories. It is a non-harmful stimulant for sleep.  

Now, ROYBI also has digital storybooks that parents can read to their children. After picking a good story, it is vital for the child to feel cozy and comfortable. The parents' voice is often a soothing sound to a child, and listening to it can help them fall asleep faster and better.

Stress-free education
Schools are known to cause stress in children with homework and tests. Focusing solely on academic success is not the goal of education. Children should be encouraged to find a balance to study and enjoy a fulfilling life. This balance is vital for their happiness and stress levels which they might carry into their adult lives. Parents can bring forth outdoor and indoor spaces to relax, play, and socialize. Such a similar learning-playing balance is what you can expect from ROYBI Robot. The subjects and lessons in ROYBI are informative and educational, and at the same time don't discourage playtime, fun, and happiness.

Physical activities
Physical activities are vital for a healthy lifestyle. And its importance is equal for everyone, but the intensity will be different for different age groups. As parents, you can encourage your child to participate in physical activities that are age-appropriate, enjoyable, and offer variety. ROYBI's lessons and activities inspire playing and outdoor times. 

Sleep is equally or more vital than physical activities. Physically active children sleep faster because exercises can help to stabilize the child's mood and decompress the mind; it is a cognitive process that is important for sleep. Thus, kids involved in physical activities can fall asleep faster than others.

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