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Do Children Enjoy Studying?

Learning is an integral part of growing up; children learn as they grow through experiences or educational systems. But, most of us have looked at studying, doing homework, and going to school with dread. Is that the case with all children? Let's see! Developing a personalized and targeted learning plan for each child can increase their level of engagement. Mixing passion-based playtime with educational time will improve the problem-solving skills of both adults and children. Most kids are not naturally inclined towards education or schooling when they start. Children need to experience intellectual, social, and academic growth that is not restricted within the class boundaries. When they receive a holistic form of education, their desire and ability to learn can...

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What is Working Memory and How does it Matter in Children?

Working memory is how we hold on to the stored information in our short-term memory and work with it—the term working memory had been interchangeably used with short-term memory in the past. Working memory is part of skills that are called executive functions. Children sometimes experience having a hard time keeping one information in mind while doing something else. For example- when your child is engaged in helping you clean their toy room but gets up to check something on TV and doesn't return to help you with the cleaning. Working memory is essential for adding information that we are learning with our current knowledge base, which becomes long-term memory later. When we get new information, we depend on our working memory...

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