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Artificial Intelligence in Special Education

The Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (1966) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) have guaranteed the right to education without discrimination based on equal opportunities for people with disabilities. However, this is a fundamental right in very few national constitutions. Thus, it is evident that individuals with disabilities have a high chance of being deprived of opportunities and resources. In the case of children with disabilities, their right to education and educational opportunities is lacking due to the scarcity of resources in traditional learning environments that can aid in their education. Barriers in educational systems can also cause inefficiencies in education, where although children go to school, their proficiency in subjects might be low. According to the...

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Earth Day 2022- How to Get Your Child to Care for the Earth

Nature and children aren't that far apart. Although outdoor times for children are rapidly decreasing, children traditionally explored their way into Nature and the outdoors while growing up. When children are out in Nature, running, laughing, and playing around, they unconsciously build trust and connect with Nature.  The theme of Earth Day 2022 is "invest in the Earth," and investing in Earth by leading the future generation into taking care of it is an important step. The key here is for children to understand the significance and consequences of Nature's current state.  Let us see how we can help children love, protect and respect this planet that we call home? Let children be children-Undeniably, children should understand the importance of...

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What is Working Memory and How does it Matter in Children?

Working memory is how we hold on to the stored information in our short-term memory and work with it—the term working memory had been interchangeably used with short-term memory in the past. Working memory is part of skills that are called executive functions. Children sometimes experience having a hard time keeping one information in mind while doing something else. For example- when your child is engaged in helping you clean their toy room but gets up to check something on TV and doesn't return to help you with the cleaning. Working memory is essential for adding information that we are learning with our current knowledge base, which becomes long-term memory later. When we get new information, we depend on our working memory...

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