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Education for all- Artificial Intelligence and ROYBI Robot

ROYBI Robot is an educational AI-powered tool to aid teachers and caregivers in children's education. Educating people is one of the essential requirements that can help in the development of society. With the current technological advancement, AI can reach places that man cannot with a simple click of a button. The education system is changing phases, and the change will only get faster in the future. Among other benefits, one that an AI-based education system can assure is accessibility. With AI, education can come to you. You don't have to step out to get educated. Here are how AI-based educational tools like ROYBI are revolutionizing the system with "education for all." Early Learning AI has tools like the ROYBI robot that...

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Happiness and Children: How to Raise Happier Kids?

Happiness looks different for each one of us. But happiness, for most of us, could be broadly categorized as positive thoughts and emotions. Happiness is a feeling that people tend to attain or achieve. Our sense of well-being heightens when we are happy. Just like we feel emotions and feelings, children do too. Happiness is as essential to them as it is for us.  What do you think makes children happy? How can you, as a parent, help them achieve happiness? It is important to pay attention to the happiness of your child. The practices to bring up a happy child should start from a young age since that is the age their cognitive, emotional, personality, and social development features...

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How are Children Affected by the Pandemic, and What a Parent can do

We are amidst the global Pandemic that has stripped us off of our everyday lives. Every aspect of our living has had an impact from this Pandemic.  As adults, we try to grapple on to the changes and adjust to the present; but toddlers and children have been amongst the most affected, although they might not be old enough to realize that.  Let's look at the social disorder that emerged from Covid-19, which is a prevailing threat to children and their families' well-being. Children have lost and missed out on opportunities that could have aided them in their growth. Children all around the world are trying and struggling to cope with the illness, change, and trauma around them. And vaccines...

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