Education for all- Artificial Intelligence and ROYBI Robot

ROYBI Robot is an educational AI-powered tool to aid teachers and caregivers in children's education. Educating people is one of the essential requirements that can help in the development of society. With the current technological advancement, AI can reach places that man cannot with a simple click of a button. The education system is changing phases, and the change will only get faster in the future. Among other benefits, one that an AI-based education system can assure is accessibility. With AI, education can come to you. You don't have to step out to get educated. 

Here are how AI-based educational tools like ROYBI are revolutionizing the system with "education for all."

Early Learning

AI has tools like the ROYBI robot that can introduce learning to children in a befitting way. Educating children comes with the challenge of simplification. Children do not comprehend things the way we do, so the learning systems need to be simplified. However, simplification does not mean the absence of sophistication. ROYBI has over 73 subjects being taught to children. Some of them are astronomy, habitats, mathematics, and technology. These subjects are not a usual sight in the education systems for toddlers. But introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning to tiny tots will be a gift to their cognitive development.

Education at Home

Children living in remote parts of the world who cannot access schools will be benefitted dramatically through AI education. Developing countries like India, where education to girl child and underserved children are lacking, a ROYBI Robot can be a savior. ROYBI's collaboration with LING (literacy in northern Ghana) project is AI tools moving higher and higher into globalizing education, and literacy is always an indicator of the development of the society.

Special Education

Artificial intelligence also provides special education alternatives. Nobody should be deprived of education—irrespective of their physical or emotional circumstances. AI helps children who are specially challenged by giving them educational opportunities at their own comfort. With the endless amount of data that robots can store, education will also be vast. There is no limit to what a child can learn, and AI makes it possible for them. 

Inclusive Education

Robots like ROYBI have educational materials that are developed with no biases. Their ability to decolonize information and break out of discriminative education is ineffable. Gender, race, creed, or ethnicity will not matter. ROYBI is a friendly robot aiming to educate and inform your child and be an entertaining companion to your child. Nothing else matters!

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