Schools Launch Programs

ROYBI provides customized launch programs to schools in the United States and internationally. We work closely with teachers, and students to ensure our program is accurately implemented into the school's curriculum.

Our goal is to provide the best-in-class technology and introduce children to innovation and STEM. We provide training to teachers so they're ready to use ROYBI!

Charles Sumner Elementary School 

I feel that the age group 3-4 is perfect. The setup was pretty easy. I installed the app on my phone, this allows more engagement with the robot. The button provided below the camera is the interactive game that the students can play. First was emotions - teaching what faces and feelings are displayed on the screen. ROYBI guided students by saying 'he is feeling sad' or 'he is feeling angry' when it was his turn. Then, it waited for them to respond. Overall, we give it a thumbs up.

Meg D., Principal - Pennsylvania

Special Needs Programs

ROYBI uses artificial intelligence to create personalized learning experiences that are designed for every child across the globe. Our goal is to help children learn at their own pace and interest, allowing them to develop skills unmatched by any other educational facility on Earth!

We're developing an exciting pilot program for students on Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and Speech Disorder. If your school offers programs for special needs children, we would love to work with you!

Pilot Programs

ROYBI is committed to providing high quality and accessible education. We are continuously looking to provide our technology to most needed students all around the world. 

We offer pilot programs to schools where they may not have access to resources. Contact us to see if your school qualifies for our pilot program.

Literacy in Northern Ghana

We call ROYBI the machine tutor based on its ability to engage the kids in learning. We have tried it and it fits our purpose and fits well into our program content too. ROYBI has a wide variety of subjects ranging from literacy, STEM curriculum, Social Emotional Learning and is aligned with our philosophy to help increase access.

Abdul I., Managing Director - Ghana (