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ROYBI Robot is a powerful learning system, academically proven to enhance your child's learning. Combined with our artificial intelligence  technology, ROYBI Robot provides fast and effective learning results for children aged 2-8.

• Powerful personalized technology

• 500+ free lessons in English and Mandarin (Chinese)

• Fun, intuitive, and active learning

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Academically Tested for Results

An advanced technology and certified programs proven to make your child learn faster, happier, and more engaged.


Screen time dropped


Increased engagement


Avg. daily learning with ROYBI

Safe and Intuitive Programs

Certified Language Lessons

ROYBI Robot is the first bilingual robot to teach and practice in multiple languages.

Math, Science, Technology Categories

Our programs are developed by experts to introduce children to the latest educational content and technology in 73+ categories.

Social-Emotional Learning

ROYBI Robot contains programs to enhance children's social-emotional behavior.

The Latest In Education Technology

  • Patented voice recognition to understand children
  • Face detection to say hello to children
  • Patent-pending personalization of content
  • Drop tested and portable with 8+ hours batteries
  • Compliant with Children's Online Privacy Policy Act

iOS and Android Parent App

Be in control of your child's education journey with our intuitive parent app.

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What's included?

1 ROYBI Robot, 1 US Power Adapter, 1 USB Cord, 1 Wireless Charging Plate, 1 Care booklet, 2 Camera Privacy Covers, 2 Hat Accessories, 1 Adoption Certificate

How many kids can it support?

ROYBI currently supports one child per device. This is to ensure maximum privacy and security for children.

Why is there a camera?

The camera is for facial and emotion detection so that ROYBI can say hello to your child. You can also see and talk to your child.

Is there a subscription fee?

There is currently no monthly subscription. Original English content and categories that come with ROYBI are free. As we add more languages and premium content, subscription or on-demand fees may apply. However, you can cancel at any time.

Do you have more languages?

Mandarin (available NOW), 2021 Spanish, 2022 French, 2023 German, 2024 Russian. This timeline may change depending on resources and availability.

What's the best age range?

We recommend ages 2-8 for English content. If you are learning a new language with ROYBI, then there is no age limit.

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