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ROYBI is thrilled to present an opportunity to win $15,000 in college or school funds. Take control of your child's future and pave the way for success!

Enter with as little as $5

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We're dedicated to empowering students and opening doors to new possibilities.

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Enter with as little as $5


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Learn About ROYBI

Founded in 2019 by Elnaz Sarraf, a visionary immigrant female entrepreneur driven by a fervent dedication to revolutionize global childhood education, ROYBI has emerged as a transformative force.

Elnaz Sarraf boasts an impressive portfolio as an advocate, author, and esteemed international speaker, gracing countless stages at events and conferences worldwide.

2019 marked a pivotal year for ROYBI, when it graced the cover of Time Magazine, celebrated as a beacon of innovation in education. This distinction was reinforced by a cascade of accolades, including Smart Toy Awards and a coveted accolade from the World Economic Forum.

In a remarkable journey since inception, our educational robots have reached the far corners of over 30 countries, touching the lives of countless children and educators. 

Even in the face of economic turbulence over the last three years, we remain resolute in our commitment to giving back.

ROYBI's core belief is unyielding: every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves unfettered access to the pursuit of their aspirations.

Enter with as little as $5

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Enter with as little as $5

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ROYBI INC is a for profit educational technology company operating in California, United States.