What Does Your Child Learn From ROYBI Robot?

What Does Your Child Learn From ROYBI?

ROYBI Robot has hundreds of lessons and categories. The programs on ROYBI are created by experts using the most updated version of the technology. To accommodate children's various interests, ROYBI has 73 categories of topics and more than 100 lessons. Introduction to diverse learning topics and categories at an early age leads to better development. Early childhood education will identify areas where the child needs support and build the curriculum around it. The curriculum will include activities and building programs that will prepare them for a lifetime.

ROYBI uses artificial intelligence to create personalized learning experiences designed for every child across the globe. Our goal is to help children learn at their own pace and interest, allowing them to develop skills unmatched by any other educational facility. Let us look at significant categories of topics your child can learn from ROYBI.


We need to begin with language learning. Language and communication become the building block of any child's learning. And ROYBI has three languages, with one on its way- French. We have extensively discussed the benefits of being multilingual in previous blogs.


Numbers play a critical role in our everyday life activities; life would never be the same without them. It is essential to learn mathematics as nothing would have been possible without it. It is not a subject that is only important to be taught in class; it needs to be implemented in the day-to-day life of every individual. Similarly, studying geometry provides many foundational skills and helps build the thinking skills of logic, deductive reasoning, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving.


Literature improves communication skills. It is a great tool to increase self-awareness. Literature is full of human reactions that help children understand the nature and condition of the human heart. Literature teaches us about the past and cultivates wisdom and worldview. Not to forget that it is a subject of great entertainment too.


Studying geography aids in having an awareness of a place. All places and spaces have a story behind them, shaped by humans, earth, and climate. Studying geography provides meaning and attention to places and spaces. It also helps students with the spatial awareness of the globe. Understanding direction and where things are in the world is still a vital skill, despite having easy access to this information online.

Living Organisms

It is essential to learn about fellow living beings because it helps us understand how living things work, function, and interact on multiple levels. It also allows us to know how to preserve the remaining species on the planet as the knowledge of living things guides us to activities that may be supportive. The knowledge of living things feeds into our behavior towards other species and our own health.


Space is a fascinating topic to teach children. Children often learn about space with awe and amazement on their faces. Its vastness, the colors & sizes of the different planets, and our missions to the moon and beyond amazes children. It sparks imagination and ignites curiosity as they are primarily learning about the "unknown."

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