Train the Brain- Brain Exercises for Children

All our brains are wired differently. And thus, they all work differently for different people. Similarly, as the growth is more rapid in a child, the changes in their behavior and functions can be noticed daily. Each passing day is a day of discovery on what new things your child can do.

Mental abilities or brain functions- are managing time, planning, memorizing details, and many more. As your child grows every day, this is also a significant phase for you to help them mold their brain functions.

These functions are also called executive functions that help them solve problems and communicate well. Executive functions are deciding factors of whether that individual can excel in the task or not. In addition, executive functions determine how successful they may be in school, work, and other roles in their lives.

The great news about our brain is that its wiring can be changed to our benefit. For example, if someone feels their ability to stay organized is weak, activities and exercises can be done to improve organizational skills. Children are most benefited from the rewiring activities because they have more room for change in them.

Here's how training and practicing a few simple activities can improve executive functions-

Play games that involve memorizing

One of the most popular memory games is the one where you choose any category, like fruits. And then, each person goes ahead to name a fruit. The task is to repeat the entire list- from the first name to the last one, and add one of your own in that turn. The first person to miss a name loses the game. This game is an excellent tool to increase attention span and memory. 

Encourage them to read more

Show, don't tell. Encouraging them to read more also means you need to show them the action. Read with them. No doubt, reading is a great tool to improve brain functioning and imagination skills. However, it also enhances perspectives and learning skills. Developing an interest in reading will serve them well as they turn into adults. On the completion of a book, make sure to get feedback from them. Ask them what they liked and did not like. This practice will give them the confidence to express opinions as they grow up.

Learn a new language

Multilingual children are more likely to learn faster. Knowing multiple languages also means that they have a stronger left and right brain. It helps stimulate a child's prefrontal cortex, which is linked to improved memory. Our bilingual and educational Robot- ROYBI, is a great tool to teach a new language to your child. We currently have English and Mandarin; new languages are coming up soon.

Encourage them when they ask questions and ask them questions too

Tending to all the questions of your toddler can get tiring. But, we need not discourage them when they ask for one. We need to be careful not to shut their curiosity off because it is vital to their brain development. Similarly, it is vital to ask questions back to them. It sparks their curious nature and improves their thinking and speaking skills. It can be as simple as asking about how they like the food or how their day went.

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