Teaching Conversation: The Importance of Helping Your Child Engage in Conversation

We have lost the ability to have a casual conversation with the youth today. The problem is that so many are focused on electronic devices, where the language that is used is not a proper language. They speak in abbreviations, emojis or partial words and incomplete sentences. Roybi Robot the AI robot helps teach the fundamentals of language, using manners, as well as being an active “friend” for the child during learning activities such as math, reading and learning about their culture and other cultures. Roybi Robot is an electronic device, however, this device is beneficial to the child, and to the family as a whole unit.

What have we done to create this language barrier in conversations with our children? What can we do to teach our youth to have a conversation vocally today?

There are actually many basics that we teach our toddlers, that can be put back into place with older children and teens. Parents and schools today have the advantage of AI, artificial intelligence to assist them. Roybi Robot is an educational and social robot who helps you teach your child.

As parents, join together with Roybi Robot and help your children learn to converse with others. To use the proper cues and body language. Parents also should take an initiative and teach older youth the art of conversation, without relying on others. They can do this with an old metafor “Lead by example”.

If you recall when your kids first learned to speak, they learned from imitation. They picked up the basic conversation methods from the parents. The importance of helping youth to engage in conversation is to first, set aside time where there are no electronic devices. Mealtimes spent together. Family nights.

There are four points to a conversation to reinforce. We let them know it is okay to join in a conversation others are having. They have to be polite and not interfere when someone is speaking. If they are unsure of the others’ reactions in the group, tell them to watch for the body language. This will give an idea if they are welcomed to join in or not.

They can start a conversation with others by using a greeting, an icebreaker. This opens the lines of communication without being intrusive. Stress the importance of knowing an appropriate time for the conversation, an appropriate topic in the conversation. For example, at a family gathering over the holidays, it is not appropriate for them to laugh at others because of any differences.

Refresh their memory of how to recognize non-verbal clues, such as looking away, turning towards another person, or even clues that show interest from the other person.

When setting the example, be sure to show them how to take turns in the conversation, ensure that they will not insult the speaker if they do not understand what is being said. They should listen, stay on topic and take turns.

When the issue stems from a younger person not wanting to talk, this can be a little tricky and frustrating. However, the child will see that you do care and are interested in what happens with and to them. Most children and youth choose and act as though they do not want to have a conversation. When times like this happen, assure the youngster that you have been in rough spots also, and give an example or story from the past.

When in groups of people and no one seems to be speaking to each other, a good way to break the ice is through the use and activity of Roybi Robot. Roybi Robot creates an atmosphere that talking becomes a necessity and will ultimately create group conversations.

If the youth is in the midst of adults and struggling to relate to the conversation, the best way to get them involved is by creating open-ended questions that they need to answer. Praise the child when they make an effort to speak in a group, but do not praise a teenager in front of others as it will embarrass them.

Other things to teach when getting a youth to learn all over how to have a conversation, let them see what the body language and signals will look like when they are speaking to you, or have two adults partake in a conversation and take turns using non verbal cues to show lack of interest, desire to leave, and boredom. Examples of these could range from yawning to checking their watch to turning away from the speaker. Emphasize that they should never turn away from someone speaking to them, by explaining that they know what it feels like to be ignored.

In today’s world, we have the assistance of AI and robots like Roybi Robot. Roybi Robot teaches language skills to the younger youth. Roybi Robot is a robot that assists parents in helping their children to learn. Education is such an important part of a toddler’s start that all parents need help. From classes to homeschooling, AI has become a vital ingredient. Roybi Robot interacts with the child, they actually can have a conversation. Emotions are also shared, whether laughing or sadness over different things.

With Roybi Robot, your child will develop a friendship while learning the importance of conversations. Roybi Robot also grows with your child and all the conversations, educational lessons and language used will also develop along with your child. One of the greatest aspects of Roybi Robot is that he will initiate a conversation with the child. As your child progresses, so will Roybi Robot. Beginning with English, AI will teach your child various languages. Being AI, and educational, Roybi Robot teaches the fundamentals of proper usage of words, reinforces and teaches a child how to be socially active and learn to be adept at conversations.



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