Storytelling- The Inevitable Dose of Healthy Growth in Children

Children are born with an interest in listening. Their eyes sparkle when they listen to stories. Apart from connecting better with your child, there is more to why you should be reading to your child or accompanying them when they are listening to stories.


Storytelling and Cultures

Stories tell us about the History, experiences, and about the lives of lived and the living. As real-life incidents and nature inspire stories, they are storehouses of History. Through these stories, children learn to comprehend the diversity of life. They are thus creating a sense of wonder in them. They start staging scenes and imagining better as they listen to more stories. Their natural skill to dream big and imagine better will help them in navigating their brain well, too. Having control over one’s brain is the most sought-after quality in an individual, and by growing up listening to stories, they are one step ahead in the game. As stories keep revealing universal truths about human nature, the child is aware of pieces of information that will prepare him/her for adulthood.


Storytelling and building bonds

Spending time with your child is easily the best gift you can give them. Spending time reading stories to your child can forge better relationships with them. As this shared moment becomes a practice, your child will start trusting you better. Another undeniable benefit is that when you read to them, a sense of intimacy and wellbeing is developed; thus, they will begin to feel closer to you. These feelings of love and attention will also encourage positive growth and development.


Storytelling and befriending books

As storytelling and listening become routine, the child’s interest in entertainment will align with books and reading. As they grow up, they tend to go to books for help, and reading will be associated with pleasant, engaging, exciting experiences. Another way to teach reading habits is by gently pushing them to read or listen to different books because children tend to resist change, and there will be instances where they ask you to re-read the already read books to them. Through ROYBI, the bilingual toy robot, the child will be introduced to exciting stories. Re-listening to the same story will not occur as ROYBI is full of a mind-stimulating variety of stories.

Storytelling and the Brain

Asking questions is one of the essential factors about children listening to stories, and answering each one of them as and while it arises is fundamental to their brain development. Children tend to ask big questions, and sometimes answering all of them might be out of our hands; this is where ROYBI’s role in children’s life is unequaled. ROYBI will tend to the questions and doubts and also strick stimulating conversations with the child. Sleep is an essential fuel to the brain, and listening to stories right before bedtime can help kids fall asleep faster and better. By reading pleasant and happy stories, the child will also not experience episodes of bad dreams.

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