ROYBI Partners With Grove Street Publishing To Expand Its Stories Into Digital Books

ROYBI INC announced today its strategic partnership with Grove Street Publishing to expand its content into digital books for children globally and extend its patented voice AI technology into a new category.


ROYBI INC, the creator of the award-winning ROYBI Robot, announced today its partnership with New York-based Grove Street Publishing to tap into a new category of education and entertainment for children. As ROYBI grows its products and resources, this partnership will create an immense opportunity for ROYBI to extend its reach through interactive digital books. This strategy will also make ROYBI's patented voice AI technology available on new platforms which the company expects to generate a tremendous return and value. Grove Street Publishing will act as ROYBI’s worldwide distributor to create and distribute stories about ROYBI Robot and its journey.

Grove Street Publishing is a children’s multimedia publishing company looking to educate children in exciting and transformative ways. This is achieved by their online platform, Grover, which features hundreds of interactive books. Needless to say, Grove Street's goal is to captivate children by giving them a platform they don’t want to leave. Simply put, children are being taught while they are being entertained. Their mission is to achieve the best of both worlds.

ROYBI Partners with Grove Street Publishing

“This partnership with ROYBI will transform storytelling and learning. The two sides coming together to form a positive learning experience. It only seems natural that toys have a story!” said Kevin Phun, Managing Director of Grove Street Publishing.

“We’re thrilled to establish such a great partnership. This collaboration is the beginning of extending our resources into different categories in an effort to extend our educational content, ROYBI characters, and technology into a wider audience globally. This also allows ROYBI to grow its reach from pre-k to K12.” said Mark Meding, Head of Business Development at ROYBI.

Furthermore, as part of this partnership, ROYBI will explore implementing its patented Automatic Speech Recognition Engine to the digital books through Edge AI (on-device recognition). This AI technology will revolutionize the publishing industry allowing children to access, read, and interact with their digital books on the go.

Grove Street Publishing

ROYBI is the creator of ROYBI Robot, TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions in Education. ROYBI Robot is an AI-powered educational robot for children 3+ in language learning & basic STEM. ROYBI guides a child’s linguistic development beyond traditional pedagogies, facilitating collaboration between home and school contexts. ROYBI’s mission is to provide a personalized learning experience for every child, highlighting their unique abilities and interests. ROYBI creates a robust educational foundation for children during early childhood, putting them on track for a successful future.

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