ROYBI INC Debuts The First Intelligent And Immersive Edutainment Metaverse At CES 2023

ROYBI expands its product line and steps into the virtual and immersive learning experience by debuting its first intelligent and interactive metaverse on VR headsets.

ROYBI INC, the creator of children’s intelligent educational robots and digital content, expands its footprint into immersive learning by debuting its first-ever intelligent digital platform at CES 2023. The announcement comes at a time when the company is heavily focused on expanding its global presence and diversifying its audience. ROYBI has been a pioneer in the EdTech space since 2019 (Top 200 EdTech Start-up in North America - HolonIQ) and now extending its product line into the metaverse and edutainment space through its virtual world, RoybiVerse. The platform is one of the world's first-ever intelligent edutainment metaverse to revolutionize how we educate, learn, and collaborate.

RoybiVerse is launching out of the learnings building ROYBI Robot, the Time Magazine award-winning AI learning Robot released in 2020. The company has launched numerous focus groups from current businesses & users to back up its assumptions - the future of learning is in the metaverse built on fundamentals of immersive learning. ROYBI’s vision is true ‘edutainment,’ not passive learning. ROYBI has built a model where every member, from tutors to learners, can take control of their membership and content and are incentivized to continue learning, earning, and interacting. The RoybiVerse creates experiences where users fulfill learning needs for each other supported by our ecosystem. Everything built in the RoybiVerse is VR enabled/compatible and will host many virtual educational experiences for all ages. The MVP is estimated to launch by mid-2023, and the audience is expected to be K-12 to higher education learners.

ROYBI’s mission is to create the ultimate virtual platform providing one-to-many educational impact for students of all ages. The company’s products and services include its educational robot and digital content for children. At the same time, RoybiVerse will offer the digital experience through various content for all age groups, K-12 to college-level skills. The company expects to grow quickly as it finalizes world-class partnerships. The partnerships will bring users a wealth of knowledge, content, and experience unlike any other platform. Whether learning on robots or the metaverse, ROYBI aims to ensure that learning continues anywhere at any time.

ROYBI is presenting a live demo on VR headsets at CES 2023 in Las Vegas at CES Unveiled on January 3, 2023, and at Venetian Eureka Park booth #60452. For any media or partnership inquiries, contact

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