ROYBI INC Announced Today Its Partnership with Ingram Micro One of The Top Distributors in North America

ROYBI INC, the leading innovator in the education space with its award-winning edutainment system ROYBI Robot, announced today that it started a partnership with Ingram Micro to take ROYBI’s expansion to the next level.

San Jose, CA. ROYBI INC, the company behind Time Magazine’s Best Invention in education, ROYBI Robot, announced today its partnership with Ingram Micro, one of the most recognizable distributors in North America and internationally. This partnership comes at the best time as ROYBI is expanding its product presence domestically and internationally. Partnering with Ingram Micro opens up doors to more than 30,000 retail customers nationwide.

Ingram Micro‘s Consumer Electronics Division is the top national distributor of consumer electronics accessories and related products, solutions, and services. Ingram Micro has been recognized as the “Distributor of the Year” repeatedly for its commitment to quality and service.

ROYBI Robot’s certified high-quality educational programs and its authenticated STEM approach in problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication skills, put it on its path to becoming a household name. ROYBI Robot’s one-of-a-kind technology enables it to teach 21-century skills to children worldwide, making it poised to become the leader in providing the best edutainment system to families and becoming a lifelong learning companion for children.

“We, at ROYBI, are thrilled to welcome Ingram Micro as our partner in our efforts to increase the footprint of our brand into more households. ROYBI Robot is not only a fun and educational system for children, but it also creates unique family moments that last for a lifetime. The partnership will open up many doors for ROYBI in the consumer category and provides a unique opportunity to scale ROYBI exponentially.” Said Mark Meding, Vice President of Sales at ROYBI.

Since its launch in May 2020, ROYBI Robot has been at the forefront of technology and education in early childhood. Through tremendous efforts, ROYBI Robot has gained prominent recognition worldwide for its high-quality technology and programs. The company is dedicated to providing the best experience to families, children, and educators and supporting them in their growth and success.


Named by TIME Magazine as one of The Best Inventions in Education, Roybi Robot is an AI-powered educational smart toy robot for children 3+ in language learning & basic STEM. It comes with over 500 lessons, 70 categories & topics, as well as over 70,000 vocabularies. 

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