ROYBI Announced Today Its Partnership with Douglas Stewart EDU to Expand in the UK and Europe

Mountain View, CA. ROYBI INC, the creator of the first AI-powered educational toy for kids, announced today its partnership with Douglas Stewart EDU in the United Kingdom. With this partnership, ROYBI will implement its award-winning educational robot, Roybi Robot, to schools and educational institutions and expand its presence in the United Kingdom and Europe. In the current unprecedented time, this partnership comes when most needed by students and educators. ROYBI and Douglas Stewart EDU will work closely together to create programs for schools and educators to ensure maximum engagement and impact.

Douglas Stewart EDU is Europe’s premium distributor for educational software and technology products. Douglas Stewart has more than 60 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and distribution of software and technology products to resellers who sell to students, schools, further education, universities, and charity establishments globally.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with such an experienced and established partner to make Roybi Robot available to students and educators across the UK and Europe. We see a significant shift towards more remote or hybrid learning, and we are excited to be one of the leaders in providing the best technology that can make this transition seamless,” said Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO ROYBI.

ROYBI is continuously increasing its outreach to all children across the globe. By utilizing artificial intelligence and a marketplace of diverse and interactive content, ROYBI is poised to become a leader in providing universal access to quality and personalized education through its smart educational robot. Having now thousands of learners across more than 30 countries, ROYBI aims to reach millions of students over the next few years by collaborating with trusted partners, educators, schools, and universities.


Named by TIME Magazine as one of The Best Inventions in Education, Roybi Robot is an AI-powered educational smart toy robot for children 3+ in language learning & basic STEM. It comes with over 500 lessons, 70 categories & topics, as well as over 70,000 vocabularies. 

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