Perks of Having ROYBI as your Child's Smart Tutor

Language learning
ROYBI is now a completely equipped, multilingual, AI-based educational tool. Children can learn English, Chinese and Spanish through ROYBI. Proficiency in multiple languages has various benefits to the speaker. Compared to children speaking a single language, multilingual children get exposure to diverse social experiences. Thus, their ability to comprehend multiple perspectives is quicker. This makes them effective communicators. Speaking many languages is also a promoter of executive functioning skills- such as reasoning, planning, and problem-solving. Strong executive skills are also a predictor of academic success.

Hundreds of age-appropriate programs
The programs on ROYBI are created by experts using the most updated version of the content and technology. To accommodate children's various interests, ROYBI has 73 categories of topics and more than 100 lessons to feel free to choose any from them. Introduction to diverse learning topics and categories at an early age leads to better development. Early childhood education will identify areas where the child needs support and build the curriculum around it. The curriculum will include activities and building programs that will prepare them for a lifetime.

Most sophisticated technology
ROYBI's modern technology & teaching methods ensure that the child can handle academics independently.

  • Voice recognition understands your child's responses and replies aptly. 
  • A high-quality camera recognizes your child and engages with them while learning. The camera comes with privacy covers, giving users control over their privacy. 
  • The durable and robust body survives short drops, thus making it safe to use for toddlers. 

As each ROYBI adapts to each user, it allows children to learn at their own pace. Children should like and enjoy their process of education. Suppose they enjoy maths, reading, writing, and science. In that case, they will become strong mathematicians, readers, writers, or scientists, and ROYBI's high-end intelligent systems can assure that they are directed in the right direction. To ensure good educational practices, we need to use age-appropriate educational materials delivered to them in the best ways possible.

Lesser screen time
Data suggest a 46% drop in screen time with children after using ROYBI. The engaging curriculum and lessons keep children gripped, that they don't go after screens as much as they used to. Children with higher screen time tend to display poor emotional regulation, lower curiosity, inability to finish tasks, and difficulty making friends.

Smart reports
The parent can monitor their child's performance, interests, and areas that need more attention through the app that comes with ROYBI. The reports also help ROYBI understand the child's likes and dislikes and personalize the study chart according to the child's interests. Personalized learning is a window to access the child's best-performed area and nurture the same so that the child's maximum potential is explored.

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