Meet DOCBI The Scientist

We’re in this together. 

The last few weeks have been tough. We’ve all been navigating the unknown and our thoughts are with everyone from you and your families to our employees and our partners.

As adults, we’ve all been consumed by the COVID-19 headlines— feeling confused, frightened and overwhelmed. With children and their parents at the core of everything we do, we can’t even imagine the difficult realities of the crisis through the lens of our children and their parents too. It’s easy to imagine the disorienting feelings become exacerbated in the eyes of a child, leaving even more unanswered questions in regards to how we as adults can help them process, understand and work through these difficult times.

A new character designed with children’s health and wellness in mind.

We see this moment as an opportunity to educate, encourage and guide our children to healthy habits. Inspired by the challenge to do our part, we have decided to introduce a new, fun and charming character to the ROYBI world that teaches children the value and importance of health and wellness. With the advent of this new adorable education-oriented character, ROYBI will become the world’s first educational AI robot dedicated to enlightening children on the importance of health, wellness, and social-emotional well-being. 

Healthy habits project-based learning.

We want to be sure we are not only providing children with accurate information, but we also want to ensure we are protecting their innocence and not adding unnecessary anxiety or stress to their lives. Currently, social-distancing and homeschooling have become the new normal, leaving children without the comfort of their friends and day-to-day routines. With the Roybi Robot’s newest friend DOCBI, children are provided with a safe companion to help coach them on consistent health practices as directed by both the CDC as well as the WHO, which will ultimately foster healthy habits—Make sure your ROYBI is connected to Wi-Fi so you can meet DOCBI—already programmed in without an extra charge! 

Practices from hand washing to healthy eating are reinforced in a very developmentally appropriate way with this new, friendly character. DOCBI reminds children to cover mouths when sneezing or coughing, to brush and floss teeth daily, and to drink water, among a multitude of other health-conscious reminders. Rather than overwhelming children with the problems we are currently facing, DOCBI focuses on natural, healthy habits that will, in turn, work to keep children safe and prevent the spread of illness. 

In addition to the healthy reminders that DOCBI provides, DOCBI also teaches lessons surrounding the work of doctors, scientists, and lab studies, stimulating children’s interest in these subjects and educating them on the intricacies of those hard at work.

Here to stay and expand 

What’s more, is that DOCBI is here to stay! This charming companion is not focused merely on COVID-19 precautions but instead strives to develop an all-around healthy lifestyle through consistency, education, and friendly reminders. It is no secret that now is a pivotal time for stepping up health and safety precautions, but rest assured that DOCBI will continue instituting reminders and lessons that are truly timeless.

We at ROYBI are eager in partnering with clinics and children’s hospitals, bringing DOCBI to pediatric patients so they can learn and play together. Keeping everyone, from adults to the youngest of children educated and informed during this unsettling time, is vital. We would welcome collaborations with government entities, and state and district administrators. Let DOCBI help by contacting us for more information on how we can bring DOCBI to your schools, foundations, clinic or hospital at

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