Let Children Learn at Their Own Pace

It is a tempting idea to have your child be self-sufficient at the youngest age possible. When children can tend to their needs all by themselves, it might give you the notion that they are independent, but it comes with a price to pay. And faster signs of maturity don't mean that the child is better and wiser.

Learning and education are an area that is usually rushed towards attaining. We tend to believe that if the child is not in an age-appropriate class, it will look bad on the parenting. So, there is always a talk on how to speed up a child's learning. The simple truth is you do not have to. No good can come from rushing your child's education. Instead, try understanding what stage your child is in, so we can create conditions that offer guidance to help them move to the next step. Education is not a race. The key to healthy educational practices is learning your child's pace and acting to its benefit.

The best way to educate your child is by nurturing the enthusiasm to learn, and not pushing-

 The American Academy for Pediatrics states that- "Although a few four-year-olds sincerely want to learn to read and will begin to recognize certain familiar words, there's no need to push your child to do so." By pushing, an environment of pressure is created for them and thus curbing their natural interest to learn.

Shift focus from the destination to the path-

Children should like and enjoy their process of education. If they enjoy maths, reading, writing, and science, they will become strong mathematicians, readers, writers, or scientists. So the parents' path to educate children is more important than the education itself. To ensure good educational practices, we need to use age-appropriate educational materials. Giving them higher-level study materials doesn't make them more competent, but it also confuses their understanding of the subject.

Growth is more significant than grades- 

Grades are an indicator of how well the child can comprehend what is being taught. It is not a measurement scale that determines the smartness of the child when compared to other children. Education and teaching are effective when done in a social environment, but grades don't need to be treated similarly. Thus, the educational toy robot- ROYBI is a great assessor of your child's academic growth because, through personalized learning, it masters the educational needs of your child and caters according to that.

Therefore, striking a balance between the above mentioned factors is vital by identifying the child's priority and acknowledging their mental and physical well-being. It is crucial for the child to feel encouraged rather than forced. And as adults, we need to keep that in mind and not rush or hurry children into learning.

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