Learning Nursery Rhymes with Roybi Robot can Boost Early Language Learning

As a young child, it’s likely you were taught classic nursery rhymes like Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and Old Mother Hubbard.  Although you might not have known it at the time, you were fortunate to have parents and teachers who made sure that these simple rhymes played a part in your childhood. 

Technology has a tendency to replace meaningful language-learning experiences. But it doesn’t have to. With the Roybi Robot, your child can learn and recite the same nursery rhymes you know by heart, while using technology in a meaningful way.

Nursery rhymes do more than just bring back childhood memories. Nursery rhymes also play a huge role in boosting your child’s language development!  Unfortunately, some experts warn that there’s been a recent decline in the number of children who are learning nursery rhymes. 

That doesn’t have to be the case! The Roybi Robot can help your child learn and recite nursery rhymes. When your child has the chance to learn and practice nursery rhymes and simple songs, they’re building the early language skills necessary for future academic success.

Every parent and caregiver wants their child to succeed at school, and supporting your child’s early academic success can be as simple as teaching them Three Blind Mice! When your child uses the Roybi Robot to practice these rhymes and songs, not only are they building their language skills,  they’re also engaging with groundbreaking technology. 

Learning how nursery rhymes support early language development in young children is so important. Let’s go over some of the basic benefits.

How Nursery Rhymes Support Language 

  • Becoming familiar with vowels and vowel sounds
  • Learning how to put sounds together to make words
  • Practicing appropriate pitch and volume
  • Recognizing voice inflections (think of how your voice sounds when asking a question)

When children become confident with vowel sounds and putting sounds together to build words, they’re becoming confident in skills that lead to future reading success. With the right caregiver, teacher, or parent, it can become a chance to bond and associate learning with joy.

Benefits Beyond Language Learning

We all want our children to have success in language development. The great news is that supporting language development through nursery rhymes supports so many other important early childhood milestones.

  • Learning Nursery Rhymes with Roybi Boosts Cognitive Development
    • Children learn to recognize rhyming patterns
    • Children learn about story structure (beginning, middle and end)
    • Children develop their imaginations as they visualize the story in the rhyme
  • Learning Nursery Rhymes with Roybi Boosts Physical Development
    • Reciting nursery rhymes strengthens mouth muscles in young children
    • When children do actions with nursery rhymes, they’re developing muscle coordination
    • Nursery rhymes encourage pretend play. When children act out a story, they’re developing their fine and large motor skills.
  • Learning Nursery Rhymes with Roybi Boosts Social Emotional Development
    • When you recite nursery rhymes with your child and their Roybi Robot, you’re strengthening your bond by creating fun, lasting memories. 
    • When children act out nursery rhymes while using the Roybi Robot, they’re learning to express themselves

Nursery rhymes are language-building tools that go back generations. There’s a reason they’ve been so successful in building language learning skills for so long. They encourage children to practice the sounds in words, recognize patterns, while also allowing them to express themselves. There’s no doubt that nursery rhymes are crucial building blocks to language-learning success, and the Roybi robot honors the age-old tradition of reciting simple rhymes and songs while building language skills at the same time.



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