Impact of Education on Health in Children

Education is a door that opens multitudes of opportunities. Being educated means knowing the self, society, and everything around and far away. There is no one answer to the question- when does an individual start or stop learning? It is a continuous and infinite process. The more you have it—the better.

There is a significant relationship between education and health. This means, by getting a better education, your chances of living longer and better are high. But one crucial factor is that it works another way too- poor health can lead to lower academic attainment. Education increases effective agency. An increase in the effective agency can enhance your sense of personal control that will encourage healthy habits.

Through ROYBI, the bilingual toy Robot, we aim to give your child the education they can carry throughout their life. Here are a few ways education is going to have a direct impact on your child’s health.


  • Smarter life-choices

An educated person is aware that they need to put on a seat belt while driving and other similar life-saving facts. The benefits of exercise and vaccination are also well known to them. Education will introduce your child to the power of vocabulary, which will help them in thinking clearly. More educated individuals are less likely to get hypertensive or to suffer from emphysema or diabetes. Physical and mental functioning is also better in them. Finally, better-educated people report spending fewer days in bed or not at work because of disease, and they have fewer functional limitations.


  • Physically more active

Physical activities are a staple to healthy living. It not only improves overall health but also helps in mood regulation. Educating children about the importance of exercise can affect their understanding of it. Exercise improves circulation, increases the blood flow to the brain, and raises hormones known to reduce stress. Make sure to enroll your child into physical activity of some kind so that they are used to working up their bodies so that the habit will continue into their adulthood too.


  • Healthy food habits

Being educated about what kinds of food you should be eating is significant for a healthy life. When you introduce your child to aerated, artificially sweetened drinks and food items that are not fresh, you are their stepping stone to a form of unhealthy eating. Children can become dangerously overweight by not having a healthy diet. Such cases are not mostly chronic but can be resolved by getting them to eat a balanced diet. Children cannot tackle it by themselves, and that is where an educational companion like ROYBI or parents can step in and educate them on the importance of healthy eating.


  • Better sleep habits

Low-quality Sleep Equals Poor Grades. Moreover, insufficient sleep means poor health. A child needs to be taught of the effect poor sleep can have on a human body so that they do not grow up to neglect rest. Sleep is a priority in everyday life, and this ideology has to be instigated in children right from the onset of learning. When you condition them as individuals who give importance to sleep, it will go a long way for them.

The effects of education are cumulative; thus, it will be growing throughout the lifespan. And it is worth it!



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