How to Create a Magical and Memorable Summer

Summer is officially here and with that comes sunshine, warm weather, and most importantly FUN! Summertime is the season for creating memories. Think back to your childhood. Yes, chances are family holidays and birthday celebrations stand out from other memories, but those hot days of summer that left us sweaty and exhausted are the ones that are often remembered with the fullest heart and a smile. From family vacations to backyard shenanigans with our local, neighborhood friends, summers are always special so in this article, we want to remind you of some of these activities and encourage our readers to take them on again even during the time when our world isn’t anything close to what we’ve experienced in the past.

Aside from vacations, which tend to always be special, there are so many other ways that we can make our summers exciting with plenty of bonding opportunities for families. Summer fun doesn’t require unlimited finances, crowded flights, or endless car rides to make those awesome memories, just a little creativity, and some good, old fashioned family togetherness!

Here are 20 simple ways to make your summer memorable and magical:

  1. Take pictures: Document every aspect of your summer with pictures, from lazy mornings to sunny adventures, take pictures! Then, at the end of the summer, connect by building a family scrapbook. These might be strange times, but we should cherish every moment of our lives together and remember we will never get it back.
  2. Family gardenPlant a family garden. If you have a green thumb, feel free to get extravagant, but if plants aren’t your thing, vote on a family favorite veggie and grow a plant in a pot. Take turns watering and caring for the plant and enjoy the fresh veggies when they bloom.
  3. Time capsuleFill a family time capsule with letters, pictures, and even memorable items. Plan to dig up the time capsule in 10 years!
  4. Flashlight tagAnother pastime, flashlight tag has been around for ages and still brings the same amount of fun and laughter. Divide into teams or play a game of every man for himself. You can adapt the rules to make it fun for your family.
  5. CampoutPitch a tent in your backyard and campout together as a family. Don’t forget to tell camp stories and gaze up at the stars!
  6. Make s’mores: Build a small campfire and roast marshmallows for tasty s’mores! Be sure to check with your township as many have laws against fires. You can find reasonably priced fire pits for an enjoyable, yet safe and condensed backyard bonfire.
  7. Catch fireflies (if they’re local to where you live): An old pastime favorite! Let your little ones stay up past their bedtime, make bug-catching jars, and have a firefly collecting competition. Nothing beats those warm summer nights… just don’t forget your mosquito repellant!
  8. Sprinkler playSet up your sprinkler, or purchase a fun, kid-friendly one from amazon. Load up with sunscreen and run through the sprinkler on a hot, sunny day!
  9. Make your own popsiclesFill an ice cube tray with your favorite juice and freeze it with a popsicle stick in the middle for a tasty summer treat.
  10. Ice cream for dinnerThat’s right! Wow your kids and create a memory they’re sure to never forget… serve ice cream for dinner. While this may go against everything you’ve been told, one healthy dinner replaced with a memorable ice cream buffet will fill your home with smiles and laughter well worth the one-time swap.
  11. Vision boardLayout old magazines, glue sticks, and scissors and create vision boards together as a family. Keep this activity open-ended or set your vision boards to match your 5 or 10 years goals. You can create individual boards or a family board, with family goals and dreams.
  12. Plan that dream vacationPlan your family’s dream vacation! Dream big, then dream bigger. Think about where you would go, what you would do, how you would get there. Then, create a fun savings jar and begin adding loose change!
  13. Rainy day movie marathonPop some popcorn, get comfy (even stay in those pajamas all day) and binge-watch your family-favorite movies.
  14. Build a fortAnother rainy day activity, gather sheets and blankets, and build a fort. Take flashlights in and read some of your favorite books.
  15. BakeA simple, yet memorable bonding experience is baking together. Whether it is boxed brownies or you get creative with baked goods from scratch, this is an excellent way to learn and have fun.
  16. Family history storyWrite your family’s history in a story format. Have fun with this and get creative. You can even add fictional characters if you’d like!
  17. Book challengeMake a list of 100 books (or however many you’d like) that you want to read together by the end of the summer. Match the number of books to the reading level of your children. Set aside time each day to read!
  18. Paint or re-decoratePaint a room in your house a new color. Re-decorate or re-arrange a room. Make this a family project and work together to update your home.
  19. Wet WalksDon’t let the rain keep you indoors. As long as you’re safe from any storms-wind, lightning, thunder-enjoy those summer rain showers by gearing up and taking a family walk together. Jump in puddles and splash around.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer, don’t forget to add an element of FUN. Family togetherness is the best gift you can give your children and a sure way to develop strong relationships with them.

At ROYBI, we believe that having fun is one of the most crucial elements of learning. That’s why this summer, we’re putting on our sunglasses, and sunscreen and taking our work outside in our backyards to shake up our content and implement a much more fun and engaging approach to each lesson. Making a smart toy robot sound funny, so children can have fun with AI while learning is our exciting challenge this summer! We can’t wait for you to hear the playful side of Roybi Robot soon!

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