How Artificial Intelligence is Giving Children a Head Start in Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows machines to learn in a way that mimics human intelligence. Once merely the subject of futuristic novels, AI is now being used to improve nearly every industry. If you’re a parent, you’ll be excited to know that this includes early childhood education. While utilizing AI technology in the classroom might sound strange, the decrease in available teachers warrants such a move. Fortunately, it appears that AI is actually giving children a head start in life.

Artificial Intelligence in Early Childhood Education

While many people don’t realize it, artificial intelligence and early childhood education are already very well connected. In fact, they share a dynamic relationship that’s constantly improving. Back in 2017, Scientific American explained how researchers were using AI to discover the mechanisms of childhood learning. With this knowledge, it became simpler to create artificial intelligence that could actually serve as educators in a sense.

Even before this point, however, science was already utilizing AI to help improve educational outcomes. At the 2013 International Conference on Humanoid Robots, research was presented that showed robotic tutors could improve test scores when they engaged children via embedded social interactions. In essence, robots equipped with artificial intelligence are just as capable – if not more so – as humans when it comes to tutoring children.

Robotics Moving to the Mainstream

Scientists are consistently uncovering evidence that autonomous robots are capable of improving educational outcomes and even socializing with children. Of course, this means nothing to the average person if the technology is only available to universities and researchers. With the release of the ROYBI language learning robot, though, this is all about to change.

The artificial intelligence exhibited by ROYBI has the ability to teach children more than 15 languages. Since research consistently shows that learning a second language improves educational outcomes, working with this commercially available robot is already justified. As it turns out, though, the AI-equipped humanoid can do much more. In addition to language learning, ROYBI can respond to a child’s facial expressions and learn about their interests.

You can also have the robot send you notifications and updates about your child’s progress. What makes ROYBI even more impressive, though, is the fact that it’s constantly evolving. It will soon be equipped for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) learning, and this means robotic tutoring will expand outside of language learning and focus on improved outcomes in all subjects.

The Benefits of Starting Early

An increasing body of research continues to show that artificial intelligence and robots have a positive effect on early educational outcomes. You may be asking yourself, though, if this will help in the long run. Science has shown the answer to be a resounding “yes.” In fact, studies have found that increased submersion in education – even before kindergarten begins – results in higher cognitive test scores into adulthood.

The same research showed that getting started early resulted in a higher likelihood of attending college. This in itself is a huge predictor of success since, even during the relatively young age range of 25 to 32, individuals with a college degree earn $17,500 more yearly than their counterparts without a degree. The simple truth is that increased exposure to education translates to future success among all demographics.

The Future is Now

There’s at least one technological advancement every generation that changes youth education. In the modern world, it’s increasingly starting to look like artificial intelligence will hold the distinction. This trend combined with a concerted effort to integrate the arts into STEM learning will give children a more rounded education that prepares them for wherever the future will take them. Even if your child’s school doesn’t focus on this, tools like ROYBI can help you bring AI right into your home.

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