How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The Process Of Learning And Teaching

The role of AI is significantly increasing and creating adaptive teaching-learning techniques. A study states that by 2021, the application of AI in education and learning will increase by 47.5%. The machine-based learning experience does not just personalize and refine education, but it also goes beyond academics to streamline students' career choices. With professors and their pupils working together to achieve revolutionary outcomes for different learners with different needs, AI is the messiah that helps catapult this effort to fruition. This is where ROYBI comes in as a sophisticated 1-on-1 private tutor. ROYBI Robot introduces kids to technology, math, science, and language arts through its interactive learning module that merges playtime and learning time, preparing your little scholars for a brighter future.

Let's look at the 4 ways AI is transforming education:

Personalized quality education

Today, AI is being used to create digital textbooks with various topics catering to every niche. This propels students of all categories to access quality study materials and achieve academic success. With a larger classroom, children are often lost in the crowd, and their doubts remain unsolved. With AI, they can ask questions directly and get their answers at the speed of light! ROYBI's one on one tutoring makes learning accessible to students with different learning ailments. It engages with your child through a vast library of topics to inspire, educate and spark curiosity.

Makes learning globally accessible

Thanks to AI, education has become accessible to all those who have access to technology, no matter which part of the world they are in. It makes higher quality education for rural students and those in low economic areas accessible and affordable. Whether you're at home or seven seas apart, ROYBI's virtual learning system is the first bilingual robot to teach educational content in multiple languages (English & Mandarin-Chinese).

Uses smart content

With textbooks being digitized, AI has included audio-visual learning with new learning interfaces still under works to help students of all ages belonging to various academic backgrounds. Besides, AI also helps in keeping the information up to date so students can learn what matters now. ROYBI offers the latest educational content and technology in 73 categories with programs that are developed by professionals. There is voice recognition built in to understand your child's responses making learning interactive and fun.

Kids learn at their own pace

Each child has a distinct learning style and pace which is almost impossible to incorporate in a singular class setting. With the number of students increasing, the perfect pace is an elusive concept. Now, artificial intelligence can help to set the ideal pace for every student. With individualized programs that deliver teaching at personalized maturity levels, students get the opportunity to grasp topics of varied difficulty levels at their own preferred pace. ROYBI's artificial intelligence based teaching module caters to your child's attention span through its fun and interactive tutoring. It teaches them with a speed that is neither overwhelming nor frustrating.

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