Here’s to a Happy Summer with Your Child

Summer is here, and things are looking up. Your summer to-do checklists are out and about. As an educational tool for children, ROYBI has an active part in making sure that children spend their summer in the most fun and beneficial way.

Let us look at the many ways your child can have the best of this summer. While, of course, following the local safety protocols of Covid-19.

Educational toys-

The name in itself comes with the idea of both fun and learning. And What's better than a toy that is educating too. Conditioning kids to an environment that views education as a fun-induced, stress-free activity will make them perceive education as a nice thing to do rather than a hassle. The Summer Camp Hub has curated a thoughtful list of educational toys that can help nurture more competent children.

Art and crafts-

You will be surprised by the things your child can develop when you give them some art supplies. Let them be with it, and then watch your child's brain at work. Children can use the holidays to fill a coloring book, paint a rock or paper. Or perhaps even use the time to learn an instrument. 

If your child is past the toddler stage, you can even teach them some photography.

Learn with your child-

Sometimes, learning works best when it is done together. You can sit with your children and do activities together. Read with them or cook together. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep them and yourself busy simultaneously; it is also intellectually stimulating. 

Keep them updated-

Teach kids about the latest happenings (like the Covid-19) and what all precautions & measures are to be taken in the current scenario to protect themselves. And informing them about other things happening around them by keeping their age in mind can be a good practice in the house. The older they are, the more information you can share.

Participation in Summer Camp-

Summer camps are organized every year for students. They offer numerous summer activities, and it is a perfect space for children to acquire new skills. At the same time, they can develop their interpersonal and social skills as there will be other children in the camp.


Kids look at summer vacations as one of the most memorable ones. They get to do a lot of activities in summer than any other part of the year. Collecting memories of those activities will be an excellent souvenir for the future. Motivate them to jot down their thoughts and favorite moments they had. Maintaining a journal is a great idea to improve their thoughts and vocabulary skills.

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