Better Childhood in the Age of AI

This is the age of artificial intelligence. Our lives are being made simpler and better by leveraging technological resources. Children are a significant aspect of this revolution as they are the ones to take this forward. So, it is best to use AI to make their lives better and at the same time educate them about AI. AI is here to stay, and it is on us to update ourselves and the children. Introducing children to artificial intelligence can boost their logical reasoning skills and increase their awareness about the uses of digital tools. Research also shows how using AI social robots at home with ASD children can improve their gaze behaviors like making and maintaining eye contact with others.

In the lens of education, AI helps educators and tutors to identify students who might be struggling with ADHD and other similar learning disabilities. Children can learn new languages. ROYBI, the multilingual AI educator, specializes in English, Chinese, and Spanish. AI learning tools can help children improve manners and even learn organizational skills. The AI Voice assistance that we all are fond of is an excellent feature for children to seek quick help during homework.

Opportunities for Children in the age of AI

Data Insights

The large amounts of data that are now available are helpful when we convert them to valuable insights. The efficiency and scale of the data available are generous. This is not just a new way to collect data, but it also helps you get closer to the users. Their needs and likes can be observed to serve them better.


The combined power of AI and Data insights can help us process vast amounts of health data to make discoveries and solve many diseases that affect children.

Urban Planning

The data from AI can help us manage everything from traffic to waste management; cities can be made safer and Cleaner. Healthier homes can be provided to more than half the world's population by 2050. This shift to a better life is made possible by AI. Better living conditions for children can lead to better opportunities and resources.

Cognitive Support

Artificial intelligence can aid our intelligence and abilities; we can access information faster and more efficiently in our work. AI makes both our professional and personal lives more manageable. 

Children can seek AI to play games, ask and answer questions. A child has endless opportunities awaiting in AI. Working on cognitive function is vital during childhood as it can lead to positive brain changes while growing up. AI can enhance accessibility for children with special needs.

Since 1951, AI has been evolving. This ever-growing area of science is a boon to us, especially children. The hope for better education, better life, and better health for everyone is now realistic. We are getting closer to the dream.

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