Benefits of Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are a cozy ritual. It is known to nourish the parent-child bond and prepare the child for a good night's sleep. However, apart from the above benefits, bedtime stories come with an abundance of other benefits. Listening to bedtime stories develops your child's brain as well as exposes them to different worlds.

Verbal interaction is a popular method for the development of a child's brain. The more you talk or converse with them, the more their brain opens up. And thus, reading out a bedtime story is an excellent tool for the same. ROYBI Robot has a variety of stories that a child can listen to before going to sleep. And you can accompany them while they listen to the stories too.

Let's now look at how you can perfect a bedtime story. 

The story you are reading to the child or listening to together is essential because it must sound engaging. And your presence adds to the engagement. They know that it is their own time and tend to value it much higher than other times of the day, so it is important not to miss it.

After picking a good story, it is vital for your child to feel cozy and comfortable. The parents' voice is often a soothing sound to a child, and listening to it can help them fall asleep faster and better.

Apart from all these known benefits, here are some more benefits a child can get from bedtime stories-

It creates a way for conversations

Reading a story is not just about the words; it is about the questions they ask, doubts they have, and even the answers they get. As you both talk your way through the story, it is a beautiful moment created by stimulating conversations with the child. Children gain fascinating insights from these conversations, and you also get the opportunity to understand them better. 

Bedtime stories can cultivate the habit of reading

As bedtime stories become a routine. Reading and listening to stories become an inevitable part of their day. They start falling in love with stories. Even if they grow up and you stop reading stories, they will be on a constant lookout for reading. They are less likely to forget this habit if it was in their daily routine while growing up. Thus picking up a book and reading will come to them automatically. 

Nurtures imagination

Children get enough visual stimulation from the screens around them, and digital screens are not great for creating images. In contrast to when they are listening to something, they are picturizing it in their heads. Every time you tell them a bedtime story, they are playing the scenarios in the form of a mini-movie in their heads. 

Expands their horizon 

Stories are pieces of information. The place names, the characters, character behaviors are all vital information for the child. Their vocabulary develops, and their language improves too. They learn new words. We probably look at bedtime stories as quality time spent with the child, but it is a whole new world full of learning and experiences for them.

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