AI is Anything But Scary

The words "artificial" and "intelligence" are two words that most people are not afraid of. And yet, when we put them together, it becomes a different story. The article talks about how Artificial intelligence is not supposed to be an imminent threat and how it will be an aid to us in a lot of our activities and needs. 

AI gives us new possibilities in education-
We should not fear artificial intelligence (AI) for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that AI gives us new possibilities in education. With AI, we can create personalized learning experiences for each student Eg- ROYBI Robot. AI can also help us identify struggling students and provide them with the necessary support. In addition, AI can assist teachers in grading student work more accurately and efficiently. It can also help to create lesson plans and instructional materials. Overall, AI has the potential to transform education for the better. We should embrace it instead of being afraid of it.

AI helps take on some of the tedious tasks that we don't want to do-
We should not be afraid of AI because it can help take on tedious and dangerous tasks humans do not want to do. For example, AI can be used to explore other planets or to map the ocean floor. AI can also create new medicines or find new energy sources. It can help us better understand climate change and how to protect our environment. AI is also being used to create self-driving cars, which could significantly reduce the number of accidents on our roads and make driving easier for individuals with disabilities. 

AI can help us to automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can use an AI-powered device to scan products and take payments if you work as a cashier. This will free up your time to do other tasks such as helping customers. If you are a doctor, you can use AI to diagnose diseases. AI can also predict traffic patterns and plan your trips accordingly.

AI can be a therapist for those who have social disorders-
AI can be a therapist for those with social disorders, especially children. For example, people with autism or social anxiety can find interacting with others difficult. However, they can easily communicate with AI devices such as chatbots. Chatbots can help people with social disorders to practice their social skills. They can also provide emotional support and advice. In addition, chatbots can help people find information about services and products they need. It is cheaper and faster than traditional therapy; one can access it anytime, anywhere.

There are many reasons why we do not need to fear AI. It can help us make better decisions by providing more accurate information, automating repetitive tasks, and improving products and services. And most importantly, it has the potential to make education accessible and personalized for all.

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