4 Ways You Can Raise Eco-Conscious Children, A Helpful Guide for Parents

It has by now been established that there indeed is no planet B. The need for being eco-conscious and taking part in keeping the Earth healthy has presented itself in front of us time and again. But how do we achieve this? Although the change needs to happen from a higher level, there is still scope for a start, and this start can be our toddlers.

By imbibing eco-friendly activities at a young age and teaching them about mother Earth and our place in it, we can raise our kids to be responsible and eco-conscious stewards for a sustainable future. As Nick Baker, the former presenter of The Really Wild Show has rightly said, "The current generation of kids could save the world."

With a bilingual educational Robot like ROYBI, learning the theory about conservation, composting, and recycling isn’t boring or confusing but personalized and interactive! Speaking of interactive, you can go beyond theory, making eco-friendly practices fun and a part of your everyday ritual. Let's take a look at 4 ways to raise your child to adopt eco-conscious living for the long run.

 1. Show them the joy of outdoors

How do we introduce them to environmental conscience in an age where our kids are glued to the digital screen? An essential way to make your kids aware of the environment is by reinforcing them to spend time in it. Go camping or for a walk, show them how beautiful nature is, and let their curiosity lead them. Indulge in Earth's offerings, so your little one understands what exactly it is that they need to protect. ROYBI offers a comprehensive environmental study topic, so when your kids are home, they're still learning about the various plants, animals, and other things they witness in their surrounding nature.

 2. Make recycling a family activity

Let your child help with cleaning and teach them how to sort the recycling and compost. What is wet waste? What is dry waste? What goes in the recycling bin and what not? Answer these questions with the help of ROYBI’s fun and interactive tutoring and allow them to participate in the disposal chore. Teach them crafting by recycling their old toys or household items like cardboard, toilet paper rolls and turning them into a new piece of art. Kids love being the boss of things. Assign them to be the recycling monitor so they can keep a check on you too!

3. Explain energy saving at home

Practice saving energy and explain energy conservation with the help of ROYBI. Play a lights-off campaign, where they can be awarded each time they turn the switches off that were on for no reason. Set timers to their daily activities like showering and brushing to save water. Train them not to leave their digital devices plugged in when not needed.

4. Avoid plastic

One of the biggest enemies of our environment is plastic. With the help of ROYBI’s environmental study topics, you can explain why plastic is harmful while practicing to avoid bringing it home. Make use of reusable bags whenever you go shopping. Avoid that ready-to-eat meal in plastic containers. 

Train your kids to say no to plastic!

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