ROYBI’s Panel Discussion At ASU GSV Summit 2019

San Diego, CA. In April 2019, ROYBI was invited to speak at the largest educational conference, ASU GSV Summit in San Diego, California. Our CEO, Elnaz Sarraf, was featured on the panel discussing the importance of “Robots as Learning Companions” and shared her thoughts on how robotics technology can help early childhood education. The panel was comprised of other educational robotics companies such as Sphero, WonderWorkshop, and Makeblock from China.

The panelists held an informative discussion in their respective fields to bring awareness to robots and why their strength is in entering the education space. At ROYBI, we strongly believe that using robots is a fun and easy way for children to play and learn about many subjects. Children like to play with robots and are more likely to talk to them, making them a great tool to use both at home and in schools. Robots like ROYBI provide personalized and engaging education to children, while also bringing families together in the learning process.

Out of all the companies on the panel, Roybi Robot was the only product focusing on utilizing technology in early childhood education. While many companies focus on a higher age range or teaching technology, Roybi Robot is dedicated to building a strong educational foundation in young children.

Roybi Robot was created to help young children learn in a more personalized way that is fit to their needs. We believe that early childhood is the most critical time for a child’s brain development as well as gaining social-emotional skills. However, there aren’t many products on the market to focus on this crucial age range and which helps children grow to their fullest potential. With its artificial intelligence capabilities, Roybi Robot not only makes learning fun, but it can also focus only on teaching to the child’s ability, while patiently helping them progress to learn new skills every day.

Check out the video of the panel discussion to hear the discussion and why it is important to use robots in education and as early as possible.