Roybi Robot and United Innovations Services Announce Partnership to Expand in China

ROYBI Inc was entered into an agreement with United Innovations Services, Inc in Silicon Valley to establish its presence in the Chinese market.

For immediate release. San Francisco, CA – July 18, 2018

Roybi Robot and United Innovations Services (UIS) announce their strategic partnership in early July, 2018. Roybi is an AI-powered companion robot in early childhood education and language development. While the product is currently under development, this strategic partnership will allow Roybi Robot to enter and expand to the Chinese market at an exponential rate. As part of this partnership, UIS will provide Roybi Robot with strategies to enter a market opportunity of USD $1.6 billion in language development in China and to successfully introduce its local brand.

“We are delighted to partner with UIS to bring Roybi Robot to the Chinese market and launch into as many homes and educational institutions as possible. While aiming to become a market leader, this partnership will help us shape our product and its strategy to improve children’s learning process in China.”, said Elnaz Sarraf, CEO of Roybi Robot. Our company is ready to change the way kids learn at home, schools, and learning centers through the robot’s revolutionary deep learning technology and exceptional user experience.

Focused on technology parks, incubators, accelerators and venture capital operations, UIS brings to the table more than decades worth of experience and is a bridge between the East and the West. Since the beginning of UIS, a total of USD $300,000,000 has been raised for projects incubated by United Innovation Services. “UIS is excited with our new-found partnership with Roybi Robot. We look forward to the success of Roybi Robot’s innovative product in the Chinese market.”, said Yang Zhong, General Manager of UIS.

With the recent partnership between GSVlabs and United Innovation Services in support of the Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center, this partnership will help Roybi Robot on government incentives, local policy, sales & marketing strategy, localization, talent acquisition, incubation facilities, university resources and more.

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