ROYBI Mentor: Bhavya Doshi

Meet Our Mentor: Bhavya Doshi

Bhavya Doshi

Bhavya Doshi graduated from Mills College with her B.A. in Child Development (2019) and then with her M.A. in Early Childhood Education (2020). While in her undergraduate education, she developed a passion for language development by understanding the impact of multilingualism in her own life. Her first thesis was titled: How Parents Decide if their Child with Autism will Learn their Heritage Language where the research emphasized the importance of heritage language for families. During her Master’s year, she completed her second thesis titled: Conceptualizing the Role of Eastern Medicine and Autism where the results showed a correlation between Eastern therapies and supporting children with Autism.

Since graduating with her BA, Bhavya has been creating a curriculum around language development in multiple subjects of learning and implementing the social justice curriculum for the preschool age group.

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