ROYBI INC Expands Into Mexico and Latin America In Partnership With Viastara

ROYBI and Viastara

ROYBI INC, the leading innovator of children’s educational robot, expands its presence in Mexico and Latin America in partnership with Viastara, the prominent distributor in the region.

San Jose, CA. Today, ROYBI INC announced its expansion to Mexico and Latin America in its continuous efforts to make its educational robot, ROYBI Robot, available to children globally. This partnership is a significant move for the company to bring its technology to non-English speaking countries and make its revolutionary English language AI-powered content available on a broader scale.

Viastara is a leading Sales Channel Development and Distribution Firm that represents global manufacturers of consumer electronics, accessories, computer peripherals, and software in Mexico and Latin America. With several distribution hubs in the region, Viastara provides a seamless experience for the customers to access ROYBI Robot throughout the region.

Moreover, ROYBI Robot recently received certification on its ESL (English As Second Language) pedagogy and content through Education Alliance Finland, certifying its content for teaching English as a second language. According to the Education Alliance Finland evaluation, ROYBI represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.

“We are excited to establish this strong partnership with Viastara. Mexico and Latin American countries represent significant importance to our strategic plans. This expansion aligns perfectly with making our educational technology available to non-English speaking children and provides personalized content and self-guided learning through artificial intelligence,” said Mark Meding, Vice President of Sales, ROYBI. Along with this expansion, ROYBI makes Spanish language app localization available for parents and educators.

“We are thrilled to welcome ROYBI to the Viastara portfolio as a leading brand in the educational toy category. ROYBI is on the cutting edge of technology for educational toys with the ability to use AI to interact with children via voice recognition. In the STEM category of learning, ROYBI is a leader in making education fun for kids.”, said Viastara spokesperson.


Named by TIME Magazine as one of The Best Inventions in Education, Roybi Robot is an AI-powered educational smart toy robot for children 3+ in language learning & basic STEM. It comes with over 500 lessons, 70 categories & topics, as well as over 70,000 vocabularies.