Action Required for a New Update!

Dear ROYBI Family,

We have exciting news to share with you about some incredible new features that we’ve added to ROYBI!

These fun new updates have been added to our Roybi Robot to make it even more charming. We believe that it is only through engaging content and a close connection with our little educational robot that children can thoroughly learn and attain knowledge.

Once you have updated your app, you can expect ROYBI to:

  • Show your child’s picture on its belly screen to encourage a bonding experience.
  • Face recognition is now activated so the little Roybi Robot can occasionally say hello to your little one. This feature aims at catching children’s attention to engage in learning.
  • Voice instructions are enhanced to support the improved user experience.

To activate these amazing features, the steps below must be followed carefully:

  1. Turn ROYBI off then on.
  2. Make sure ROYBI is connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. You will receive a new firmware update for ROYBI which can take about 5–10 minutes depending on your Wi-Fi speed.
  4. You will hear “We’re now in ROYBI’s world,”
  5. now, turn ROYBI off and on again.
  6. When ROYBI is on, it will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi again.
  7. For iOS users ONLY: Delete your current app. Then go to the ROYBI App on the Appstore. Follow the instructions on the app.
  8. Now, ROYBI should display your child’s picture on its little belly screen.

Stay tuned as this is only a sneak peek of exciting features we’ve been working on to add to ROYBI!