Lasse Rouhiainen | Unlocking The Power of AI For Education

This Episode of ROYBI Roundtable hosted one of our most incredible advisors, Lasse Rouhiainen. Lasse is a best-selling author and international expert on artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies, and digital marketing. Lasse’s research focuses on investigating how companies and society can better adapt to and benefit from artificial intelligence; he also supports the Human-Centered AI initiative. Lasse has written several books that have been published on Amazon in both English and Spanish. His latest work, Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future, is currently being translated into several other languages and has been called by Book Authority one of the best AI books of all time. 


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[00:58] : Why AI and Voice Recognition Technologies are important in education?

[02:15] : LR: “AI can help create tools and systems that can help people to be more effective with education.”

[04:20] : The use of AI globally

[08:08] : How AI is used in voice recognition technology? Why is Voice recognition technology important and why it matters?

[11:10] : How AI can be more inclusive i.e. how we can stop it from being biased?

[11:45] : Understanding the process of building  AI systems

[15:45] : How AI is being utilized around the world and how is the approach different everywhere?

[16:22] : LR: “[ROYBI] is an interesting additional tool for many parents and teachers as it allows repetition and also learning while having fun”

[21:15] : Does culture have an impact on data collection and its process? Can it impact the outcomes of cultures?

[24:15] :  LR: “When we have more and more data we can build better and better AI systems.”

[23:45] : Is AI very new? Is it a brand new technology or has it been around for a while?

[26:22] : How education has changed after COVID 19, especially using AI in remote learning?

[27:41] : Can humanoid robots ever replace human coaches? Can robots eventually take over as coaches?