Hello! I'm Roybi Robot! I am a personal tutor that makes learning fun at home.

Roybi Robot is a smart tutor for language acquisition and basic STEM skills. Designed with children aged 3–7 in mind, ROYBI uses the power of artificial intelligence for voice recognition, progress report production, and for engaging children in conversations that does not require a large screen.

Roybi Robot is created to help parents and educators with engaging children in learning at home while having fun.

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Privacy First

Your child’s privacy is my top priority. All data is stored securely & anonymously on Amazon Web Services.

Screenless Learning

My tiny belly screen is small enough to keep your child entertained without the harm of large screens.

Personalized Learning

Your child deserves an education toy that fits their needs, which is why I create personalized lessons and adjust them over time.

Your Favorites

Replay and reschedule your child’s favorite lessons and stories. There is no limit to how much fun your child can have while learning.

Interactive Learning Categories

What Parents Say About Roybi Robot


I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. [My daughter] absolutely loves interactive toys and so I think this would help her immensely with sentence formation.


ROYBI is one of the most unique and exciting products for children that I have ever seen! Thanks for creating such a fun, imaginative product for kids like my daughter.


Awww sounds amazing. Can’t wait for my child pick up words, always have someone there. This will be amazing for all 4 of my children and my self. Thank you! 


My 3 year old needs help with speech. This sounds amazing as mum of 4 and sister of 9 wish I’d heard of this before. Sounds fantastic! Would be great to see how it helps us as a family.

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What's Included In The Package

Make Learning Fun At Home

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$199 $179 code LEARN20

Watch Children Play with Roybi Robot

Technical Specifications

Voice Recognition

Understands individual children to practice language learning

Emotion Detection

Understands whether your child is happy or sad

AI Assessment

Machine learning gradually adjusts content for STEM toy

Privacy Cover

Use the cover over your camera to simply shut the camera off

Face Detection

Recognizes your child’s face to initiate conversations


Lasts over 8 hours and comes with a wireless charging plate

Speakers & Mic

Powerful speakers with adjustable sound

Safe Silicon

Accessories are safe, food grade silicon

Drop Resistant

Thick material to prevent damage from short drops

Changeable Hats

Bright headwear that children can easily change

Free Updates

Update your software for free through the cloud


Content is securely stored on Amazon Web Services

Estimated Language Timeline


As a response to COVID-19, ROYBI becomes the world's first educational robot to teach children on issues related to health and well-being through a charming new virtual character, DOCBI.

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