DOCBI the scientist

Hello world!

This is DOCBI, the virtual robot toy scientist from ROYBI world who makes regular appearances to encourage children in forming lifelong healthy habits but in a playful and engaging manner to help lift their spirits during these unprecedented times.
With the advent of this new adorable education-oriented character, ROYBI will become the world’s first educational AI robot dedicated to enlightighting children on the importance of health, wellness, and social-emotional well-being.
DOCBI Selfcare Scientist

What to Expect

This clever scientist has been making regular appearances in ROYBI’s content to teach on topics related to healthy eating, cleanliness and well-being, all based on guidelines provided by WHO and the C.D.C. at no extra cost.
Utilizing our patent-pending technology, DOCBI triggers lessons when it sees your child, while on its charging plate, or plays health-related fun games and lessons randomly.

We’re all in this together!

Even a little robot can be a big help!

More Than 20 Lessons & Suggestions

DOCBI's content comes at no extra charge and it is available on all Roybi Robots around the world.

Foundations to schools & hospitals, we want your help!

We would welcome collaborations with government entities, state and district administrators, hospitals, clinics, and foundations to make our content better and available to more children around the world. Contact us for more information on how we can bring ROYBI to your country, state, schools, foundations, clinic or hospital.