App Update for Enhancing Connectivity and Parent Engagement

At ROYBI, we believe that engaging children in self-guided learning at an early age can encourage them to become lifelong learners as adults. That’s why we use artificial intelligence to create an interactive learning experience with Roybi Robot and to allow it to guide children in exploring the world around them. But we also believe in the importance of parent engagement with their child’s learning journey; that’s why Roybi Robot’s companion app is designed for parents to manage the content and, most importantly, view their child’s progress in each lesson. Additionally, with AI, we can generate a report that would allow parents to review their child’s learning outcome and plan their next discoveries.

We released a new version of the app with an improved navigation capability and a smarter reporting capability to make this easier.

Now you can scroll through the lessons and choose them to play immediately or schedule them for later. To select each lesson, tap on the program, then tap Select to view the lessons.

Remember that each lesson comes with a companion game to help your child review a new concept.

The title of each lesson is above the lesson’s cover image. On the right button side of the image, you can see the category in which the lesson is embedded in. The titles and categories are designed to help explore the lessons and perhaps help in sparking conversations about the lesson with your child after it has been completed.

Lessons are now embedded under programs that can be accessed by tapping on the book icon.


Each program comes with more than 40 lessons and stories. You can always navigate them to select different topics, mix and match them, or select them one after another.

If you are a part of the ROYBI family and have any suggestions or recommendations for us about the app or Roybi Robot’s content, please do get in touch! We love to connect and learn more about your experience.

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