6 Reasons Why Kids Are Dropping Their Tablets & Switching To Roybi Robot (100% mom-approved)

If you’re worried about what the future holds for the development of your child, then come with us to learn about the benefits of the world’s smartest little robot, ROYBI.

Ryobi Robot Smart Tutor For Kids

1. It’s a new, science-backed approach to self-guided learning

The first of its kind, ROYBI focuses on building the most critical skills in any child’s learning. Your child gets the necessary critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity development that goes into unleashing their full potential. Its teacher-certified content is carefully designed to ensure maximum success.

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2. It’s a companion that serves to make learning fun for the whole family

ROYBI teaches your child through daily lessons, story-telling, conversations, and by playing with them. It encourages children to dance and sing along with ROYBI to provide active learning rather than passively sitting behind the screens. This leads to creating fun moments for the whole family.

Roybi Robot Smart Educational AI Robot Preschool Tutor

3. It drastically reduces ineffective screen-time

Given the interactive nature of ROYBI, children stay fully engaged, soaking in information like a sponge as they play their days away. Unlike tablets or laptops, ROYBI encourages to play, walk, and have physical activities while learning. ROYBI provides a bridge to real-world skills — with all the limitless possibilities.

Roybi Robot Smart Educational Companion

4. It leads to happier, more motivated children through play

As your child continues to learn & interact alongside ROYBI, they are also gaining little ‘success endorphins’ with each activity they accomplish. Over time, they begin to associate learning something new with joy & having a good time. ROYBI also helps with brain development as it teaches over 70 thousand vocabularies.

Roybi Robot Smart Educational Tutor

5. It turns any environment into an extension of the classroom

Parents have been searching for a beneficial and effective way to continue their child’s learnings outside the classroom. Through the use of Roybi Robot, a child can learn without the restriction of classroom walls. So it doesn’t matter where you’re at, a long-lasting & rewarding learning experience is always at hand.

ROYBI Robot Smart App

6. Parents are also involved

We found the best way to interact with Roybi Robot is for parent and child to work together, which creates a great opportunity for engagement. This type of connection learning new songs or facts about the solar system can lead to deeper conversations and the desire to explore various subjects in deeper or different ways to create long-lasting family moments.

Girl Kissing ROYBI Robot with Joy

Put simply, kids & parents love ROYBI!

When kids first encounter ROYBI, they instantly fall in love with their new robot buddy. And parents are now finding out that teaching & learning from home virtually has become a whole lot easier — making ROYBI friends of moms & dads as well.

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